Table of Contents

Below is the table of contents for this blog. This list will be updated as older posts are edited for content. Be sure to check back often!

  1. English-Canadians, or “cakers”, are unlikeable, deluded shitwands
  2. Cakers are intellectually dishonest about the state of the country
  3. Canada has no sense of history, which has horrible consequences
  4. The Hudson’s Bay Company is a shit store wearing a halo of Canadiana
  5. Canada’s largest highway is a massive and overbuilt piece of shit
  6. Canadians say sorry without actually being sorry, denuding the word
  7. Canadians pretend that Americans are idiots to falsely cast Canada as superior
  8. Canada’s coffee culture is bullshit and Tim Horton’s coffee is disgusting
  9. Hockey culture reinforces arrogance and bad child-rearing practices
  10. When confronted with national issues Canadians opt to blame others
  11. Cakers are hypocrites about vexillological jingoism
  12. Conversation in Canada is either vapid or petty
  13. Don Cherry is a toxic caker reactionary
  14. Canadians stupidly use false claims about weather to justify driving
  15. The Vinyl Café is weak and full of revisionist bullshit
  16. Cakers rely on trivia to express their false identity to the world
  17. Poor planning has grisly consequences for Fort McMurray
  18. Cakers reject needed reforms under spurrious pretenses
  19. Canadians minimize racial issues by comparison to America
  20. Canadian humblebragging is an annoying demonstration of caker doublethink
  21. The CBC  encourages consumptive Canadiana by prattling about Tim Hortons
  22. Canadians riot if they lose hockeymans games and then forget or normalize rioting
  23. Canadians perpetuate bad economic and labor policy for idiotic reasons
  24. Individual skill at a sport is sublimated to nationalist dribble in caker conversation
  25. Shopping malls in Canada are detached from local neighborhoods and suck shit
  26. Negligent rail safety standards blew up a town, and Canada did nothing about it
  27. Canadian media dodges questions about systematic racism
  28. Cakers make for garbage university students, undermining higher education
  29. Statistics Canada has been failing for decades and Canadians don’t care
  30. Tim Horton’s Keurig pod is probably the worst coffee in the universe
  31. Canadians have wildly unbalanced assumptions as to the value of their passports
  32. Stereotype and mockery mask the the failures of Canada’s Armed Forces
  33. The Canadian healthcare system is riddled with gaps and drug shortages
  34. Canada’s weather forecasting system is falling apart
  35. Canadians ignore evidence that hockey causes brain injury
  36. The social benefits of education and literacy are ignored in Canada
  37. Cakers protest American corporations, ignore evil Canadian business practices
  38. The High Arctic Relocation was a monstrous breach of human decency
  39. Canadian professors are treated like shit
  40. Little Mosque on the Prairie peddles feel-good revisionism
  41. The legacy of John Diefenbaker is tarred by jingoistic revisionism
  42. Even tourist-centered small towns in Canada are boring
  43. Canada treats its veterans like total shit
  44. Snake oil is given undue legitimacy by caker governments
  45. Canada’s housing infrastructure is hot garbage
  46. Tim Hortons’ “cafés” are unpleasant places inside and out
  47. Canada’s policing systems are horrible – an introduction
  48. The food scene in Canada treats customers like trash
  49. International students are utterly fucked over by Canada
  50. Canada took way too long to understand forest fires
  51. Grassy Narrows was polluted by caker business and ignored by cakers
  52. The Quadriptych of Death, Part One: Infant Mortality
  53. The Quadriptych of Death, Part Two: Life Expectancy
  54. The Quadriptych of Death, Part Three: Suicide
  55. The Quadriptych of Death, Part Four: Workplace Safety
  56. Despite obvious benefits cakers won’t learn French
  57. Abe Okpik is a titan of the Inuit. Canada doesn’t remember him
  58. Ugh Canada, Part One: The Anthem is Dumb
  59. Ugh Canada, Part Two: No Really, the Anthem is DUMB
  60. Canada refuses to define poverty
  61. Rick Mercer peddles idle Canadiana bullshit
  62. Canadians have hypocritical views on abortion rights
  63. The NHL has a steroid problem
  64. Tim Hortons is a brutal place to work
  65. The Coast Guard is an administrative shambles