Travelers Beware: Advice for Foreigners

Are you looking to move to Canada? Here are some pointers!


Seriously. Canada is a hellhole. Why the fuck are you moving here? I see a few Europeans following this blog (goenendag, alle!) and I assure you that there is nothing here that would constitute an improvement for you. If you’re choosing a country to move to in North America, the choice is really which of a narrow band of US states you want to move to. Or I suppose Quebec is always an option, though they wisely do their own thing with immigration and I know nothing about that system so you’re on your own.

I strongly urge you to reconsider working in Canada. Even the refugee will find starvation here, albeit of the spiritual kind rather than the physical kind. Don’t come to English Canada as a tourist unless you’re going out into the wilderness to go camping or something. Run, don’t walk. Don’t believe the ads. Don’t believe the Canadiana bullshit on the Internet. Have you seen how much of it there is? That’s Canadians trying to doublethink their way through a country with the innovative capacity of roadkill and the cultural force of a wet diaper filled with bees.

If you must come to English Canada…

To set the mood, please begin here:

I’m so, so sorry. If you’re doomed to live in English Canada, consider if your country of origin allows for compassionate euthanasia which part of this rancid morass you are being forced to move to. Each province has a different schema of bullshit for you to wade through on top of the unthinkable shittiness of the country writ large, and the purpose of this segment of the website is to warn you about the failures of each part of Canada. If you’re here you probably are at least questioning the caker propaganda. Let me assure you – if you are not filled with deep, profound dread at the prospect of moving to Canada, you are not emotionally prepared for the horror that awaits you.

So let’s get one thing straight – you will find wasteland everywhere here. Miles of concrete and gray, fart-mouthed garglesharts trapped on gray freeways in gray cities leading gray lives from Victoria to St. John. Meaningless, idle lives led in slapdash, unplanned housing in shitty, cultureless abortions of cities is a national phenomenon. A lifetime of laboring for nothing awaits you here. If Dante were alive today, Canada would be his inspiration for Purgatory. Living here is Sysiphian. It is hard labor wasted on elbowless, formless, spongy holding companies branded with maple leaves and red-and-white. This is the slow-death, the painful squeaking miserable quiet death of frogs in a pot of ever-warming water.

Some mental preparation for this Eldritch terror is a good idea. Here’s a good start. Find pictures of the old Soviet Union. You know, all of those lovely cracking freeways and hideous concrete residences grasping for mediocrity as they crumble? Those. Look at them. Post them around your house. Get used to them. Then find a picture of a Canadian flag and post a copy of it on every other Stalincock tower in sight. If you do this correctly you should see a Canadian flag roughly every 10 feet. Does your newly-bedecked home now make you want to cry, to give up and retreat to bed and just never come out again? Welcome to Mondays in Canada. And Tuesdays. And the rest of the week too, for that matter. Remember the song Blue? This is Gray, and it’s your new favorite color besides red-and-white.

Did you check with the euthanasia folks? No dice, eh? Your emotional state is unlikely to substantially deviate from the hilarious meme music video I linked earlier. Emotional torment is your eternal mistress until your return to civilization.There is no escape here. There is only a difference in flavors of abhorrence.

Ready, comrade Kharitovski? Your options for locations to receive your brutal punishment are:

British Columbia:

Stereotypical inhabitants: Triad members, organic free-range urban kale farmers, Eastern English Canadian refugees

Issues (sample): Indian affairs; environmental degradation; extreme cost of living; hotspot for international money laundering; major income disparity; limited meaningful employment prospects


Stereotypical inhabitants: Rednecks, macho-construction dudes, hicks from out East, oilmen in cowboy hats, born-again Christians

Issues (sample): Indian affairs; incredible environmental devastation; ridiculously unstable provincial royalties income; loathsome business class; dangerous urban planning


Stereotypical inhabitants: Farmers, hicks, profiteers, people who think wearing a watermelon on your head is a good idea, literally nobody else

Issues (sample): Boredom; poverty; poor planning; limited prospects in non-extractive industries; broken infrastructure; rampant racism; painfully bad weather; insane devotion to the Canadian Football League; Saskatoon doesn’t even fucking recycle; violence


Stereotypical inhabitants: Indian gangs, suburban mini-van driving idiots, hicks, military

Issues (sample): Indian gangs; rampant poverty; limited prospects; collapsing infrastructure; boredom; bugs; violence; useless public transit; bumpkin-culture; rampant racism. Probably not worth salvaging.

Ontario – The North:

Stereotypical inhabitants: desperate Indigenous, people too poor to bail out of failed one-industry towns, the shattered husks of the mentally and physically unwell, disgusting rich caker filth on fishing charters

Issues (sample): Non-existent public transit, grinding unemployment, lack of fresh food, poor medical facilities, people live in actual, literal fucking shacks, virtual economic shutdown in the winter. Northern Ontario is the part of the province that Toronto would really rather you just pretend wasn’t there.

Ontario – Blue-Collar Country:

Stereotypical inhabitants: unemployed college grads, unemployed factory laborers, drugged-up suburban high-schoolers, retirees living in squalor at St. God’s Waiting Room and Retirement Home

Issues (sample): Poor transit system; collapsing infrastructure; limited prospects; rising cost of living; population potentially hostile to non-white newcomers; police corruption; hidden poverty; bumpkin-culture leading to extreme cliquishness. You will be an outsider for decades in small-town Ontario.

Ontario – The GTA:

Stereotypical inhabitants: English Canadian businessmen, overdressed women, suburb-dwellers trapped on highways, poor-ass students, rich immigrants who are just here to park their money, overworked young “up-and-comings”

Issues (sample): Insane cost of living; poor design of the areas outside downtown; severe income disparity; extreme boredom relative to its size; relatively uncultured; home to Canada’s useless business classes. You can’t afford to live here and if you can you can do better than Toronto.

Ontario – Ottawa:

Stereotypical inhabitants: banal bureaucrats, poor-ass students, irritating sychophants, homeless Inuit; miserable professional beta-male sellouts; grumpy, spiteful people who realized too late that their lives are meaningless

Issues (sample): rampant overpricing of goods and services; poorly-planned with little interest in improvement; bad and overpriced public transit; limited employment prospects; strong chance of ending up as “working poor”. Fuck this city with a rake made of dildoes.


C’est la belle province. A rare beacon of culture and joie de vivre. Probably the only Canadian population able to live in a manner conducive to humans rather than rodents. That said, Quebec is hardly without its problems.

Issues (sample): Indigenous relations are at rock-bottom, attached to and attacked by English Canada at every turn, occasionally governed by Liberals.

New Brunswick:

Stereotypical inhabitants: unemployed people, the elderly, bilingual hicks, Acadians

Issues (sample): unemployment; poor access to services; poor access to the rest of the country; the province is owned by the Irvings; monotone media culture; little economic improvement beyond extraction as per the Irving fiefdom

Prince Edward Island:

Stereotypical inhabitants: potatoes and their caretakers (who may actually be sentient potatoes themselves)

Issues (sample): no access to abortion providers; unemployment; seriously, you’re debating moving to P.E.I?

Nova Scotia:

Stereotypical inhabitants: unemployed fisherman, members of the Canadian Navy, punks, people left behind by those who “went West” to find work

Issues (sample): violence; poverty; unemployment; limited prospects; poor transit; poor access to the rest of Canada; Halifax is uncultured and boring

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Stereotypical inhabitants: Newfies. That’s it

Issues (sample): unemployment; poor access to the rest of Canada; drug abuse; police corruption; uncautious oil extraction

The North:

Stereotypical inhabitants: Not you. Stay well the fuck away

Issues (sample): see everything listed above, then multiply infinitely. Seriously – it’s that bad. Basic foodstuffs cost hundreds of dollars. The bugs will eat you alive. And the land belongs to the Inuit anyways, meaning that moving there is akin to being a Canadian flagpole.

You picked your poison, eh?

Don’t forget that the things I write about are also there and most are generally applicable. Are you sure you want to do this? Unless you owe someone a shit-ton of money or something you’re better off in a place with a soul. Anyways, here are some general pointers for temporary Canadians:

– English Canadian government systems are unreliable, understaffed, and prone to failure. Do not rely on the Canadian or provincial governments to provide assistance unless not doing so would be a public relations disaster for the government.

– English Canadian artistic content laws (“Can-Con”) ensures that you will hear more Bryan Adams and Nickelback songs than human beings should experience. It also means that Canada is full of shitty versions of American reality television.

– English Canadians are cold, arrogant, cliquish, hypocritical, and banal. Do not expect to make lasting friends during your stay in Canada unless you guzzle the Kanada Kool-Aid so hard that it replaces the blood in your veins.

– You will not see most of the country. If you are out east going west is expensive and takes a long time. The same is true going the other way. Do not expect to see at least half of the country (not like it’s worth seeing anyways, but still). You also will not be able to enjoy “the great outdoors” unless you drive a car.

– The telecom oligarchs in Canada will shaft you with mobile phone use. Expect insane charges and be ready to call RoBellUs (they’re all the same) to contest seemingly random charges to your phone bill. The same is true for Internet and other telecom systems.

– Canadian cities are cripplingly, ass-wrinklingly boring. Do not expect art galleries or cultural events to be well-attended (or even extant) in Canada. Ottawa’s “downtown” is a good place to film a zombie movie on a Saturday morning.

– Do not come for the food. English Canada is one of the world’s greatest underperformers in terms of turning amazing produce into shit food. Outside of a couple of major hubs (and even there get ready to be royally gouged), the food scene rarely gets beyond microwaving crap. Also be prepared to shell out a fortune for shit food.

– Be very careful when purchasing “Indigenous” goods; be sure to inspect the product you want to buy before doing so, lest you end up supporting white people using Indigenous cultural icons to make themselves wealthy. Don’t support caker businesses engaging in this wretched practice.

– Expect rampant public and private drunkenness. If you don’t like dodging puke and dealing with screaming chimps do not attend a major sporting event in this country. This is especially true of the NHL.

Testaments to Canada’s crappiness:

First is Martin, a poor soul from Albion who made the unfortunate mistake of moving to this bog. He writes:

“As a Brit who departed his native English shores for a vast, desolate land that is either boiling to death or buried in snow at subarctic temperatures, I am horrified at the low standards, expectations and CHOSEN living conditions that the locals cherish and take great pride in. Sure there is some beautiful countryside here spoiler only by the building of slum-equivalent cities manufactured out of cardboard and sold for exorbitant amounts of failing Canadian dollars to morons that will not let the redneck pioneering spirit of half-arsed efforts die to enable them to move on (or attempt to at least) to an enriched life.

When I first heard the Canadian anthem (at a hockey game where the spectators spent more time aimless wondering around, meeting up with friends and going back and forth to the umpteen different fast food chains selling meals unfit for human consumption and beer that was flat….than paying attention to what the kids were doing on the ice) yes the anthem….. I laughed uncontrollably! What a load of tosh! I don’t think the American accent helped but for over a year I was convinced that the lyrics were “we stand on God for thee”. I think it works better than the real lyrics though as the attitude seems to be I don’t give a f@@@, as long as I can rip up the countryside in my truck, bike, skidoo and shoot sh1t for no reason.”

Thank you, Martin. Thank you and Godspeed on your retreat from this hellish podunk wasteland.

Up next is this reddit post from /r/Indonesia. Hold on to your fucking hats, because some thermonuclear truth is coming up on this one!

r-Indonesia Shit About Canada Post

If cakers knew anything about the world around them being told that they were being cast aside for Moldova, literally the saddest place on Earth, they would…probably browbeat the innocent person who dared to question best country of Canada, honestly. Many thanks to /u/FantasyBorderline for using this blog as a means to combat caker propaganda – that’s what this fucker is for, and it warms my heart to see it being used to flatten some caker mythology!

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  1. Canada is a ripoff these days. 3 million for a shipping container sized house in Toronto, but $500,000 can buy you a mansion in Florida.


    1. So true, I work full time but can’t afford to live. We pay insanely high tax and watch the rich get rich while we struggle. Inflation rates are high while pay rates remain low. Passive aggressive and ready to explode but when we do say something somebody is offended. Carbon tax is ridiculous on top of our already high tax


  2. Canada is a Ponzi scheme, and only a few wealthy families residing in the millionaire communities of Bridle Path and Rosedale are banking it richer for every immigrant they scam to come to this toxic wasteland.

    Enjoy severing ties to your home country by liquidating everything (thus making it impossible to return), and having to resort to working in dead-end jobs and being treated as a second class citizen.

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    1. Exactly. Canada is the worse scam ever for an educated immigrant who has to pay top dollar to live alongside thugs, criminals, murderers, drug addicts and hostile elements.

      How does Canada keep repeating lies to foreigners overseas to come to Canada and become trapped in a toxic and soulless hell?

      Some international students from Asia were surprised when they witnessed gun violence because they thought that paying C$1,000 a month for a room inside a condo apartment was a ticket to a safer place. Toronto is a crime-ridden hellhole and it’s getting worse because of the rents and gang culture.

      The politically correct teachers turn a blind eye when a thug threatens East Indian and Asian students with a weapon such as a hunting knife or gun, even erasing video footage recorded from the school cameras, but should that East Indian or Asian student say something which is offensive, the thug complains and the school teachers suspend the Asian student for racism or “creating a toxic environment”.

      Is this what professional immigrants want their children to be subject under?


  3. It’s common for international students to pay tuition for internship “jobs”. Working for free and also paying for it is the new minimum wage in Toronto.


  4. Come to Canada, and DIE in the most inhumane way. He died at the workplace, yet the staff had to continue working as if nothing happened. Right here in Toronto! A worker died and staff had to continue working and the factory was still operating. Life has no meaning if you are poor in Canada, but the Bridle Path millionaires are living the good life.

    Do you want to migrate to Canada and die in Toronto as a serf? The Filipino man was a civil engineer in his home country and in UAE, but in Toronto, he DIED a factor worker, and even when he died, the Bridle Path owners forced the workers to keep on working, even after seeing a worker die in the most horrible way; crushed by a faulty machine. Come to Toronto and SUFFER!

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  5. Non-white immigrants are between a rock and a hard place solely because left-leaning politics view all men, including non-white men, as oppressors of Canadian women, and right-leaning politics view all non-whites, including non-white men, as undesired people who should go back to where they originated.

    I’ve noticed that the racist hate that is growing in Europe has set shop in Canada, and due to ‘multi-culturalism’, racist European enclaves are in Toronto that are hostile to non-whites.

    What is Canada really? Why can’t Canadians assimilate like the USA?

    Canadian cities such as Toronto are ticking time bombs for civil unrest. There are too many different people who pledge loyalty to their own race or religion than to the Trudeau’s post-national state of Canada.


  6. You know when Canada is bad when your body refuses to wake up, and despite every living organism has a survival mechanism (such as waking up during episodes of sleep apnea to prevent choking to death), you have to force feed your body after losing dozens of lbs of weight due to refusing to eat.

    Canada is a post-feminist country where young men are treated as second class citizens. The only men who are given respect in this country are the elites. The women will NEVER go against those who rule over them.

    Frozen country, with a frozen culture, and frozen dating. Choose your poison.


  7. Canada is a waste of time.

    Studied for lots of years, earned lots of degrees, but still can’t get a full time job.

    And no, it’s not “Gender Studies” or some Liberal Arts degree.

    Was I scammed in studying here?

    This country also has some sort of gender politics going on too…Weird and bizarre country.


    1. School bullies and thugs are treated with kiddie gloves by the politically correct teachers and school principals, yet those same politically correct teachers treat East Indian and Asian men worse than animals.


  8. any European Canadian born here, if they have any sense, will just move to a small town and watch the fires burn fro ma very safe distance


    1. It’s large cities which fund the existence of smaller towns.

      This is exactly how the ignorant think. They want their termite houses to increase in property assessments, which happens due to mass immigration, yet dislike immigrants.

      Just like the Polish nationalist. Poland has benefited tremendously from the EU membership, but Poland dislikes Jews and immigrants. Jews and immigrants contributed a lot towards the economy of the EU.


      1. Termite houses? What do you call the hovels in India? Immigrants flooding in doesn’t exactly increase property assessments. The opposite. Curry dens and kebab stands on every corner and a third world ghetto with a Babel assortment of languages collapses them. So mass migration actually decreases property values and only slum lords benefit.

        Does only Poland dislike Jews? they have not been expelled from 110 nations over history for no reason. There is a reason they are probably the most disliked people on the planet. Poland was plagued with so many of them for so long that that their reaction is understandable.


        1. Do you want to migrate to Canada fella? This is how you’re gonna live, being assaulted and threatened by other tenants inside a rooming house in Toronto:


  9. I hate this country. I’ve spent 40 years born and raised here. I want to take my chances in a third world country where you make your own laws if you have enough balls to pull the trigger on some slimy parasite shithead who has the nerve to try and contact you out of what is rightfully yours. Canada is a glorified slum ruled by criminals and inbred sociopaths in overpriced suits.

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    1. In South Africa, you used to be able to do that. Now, if you are white, shooting that slimy parasite, even if he is in your house, is a murder and racism charge, with the latter being worse. The law says you have to prove your life was in imminent danger. If you are a white woman that means you may get away with shooting first if the slimy parasite is armed. If you are a white man, he must shoot at you first. That applies to the police as well.

      But meh, you just keep an unregistered firearm not traceable to you spare. You then shoot him, shoot another round into the ceiling afterwards. Then you take the unregistered firearm and with his hand put a round in the wall next to where you were, making sure the ammunition is not the same as yours and that no trace of you is on it. Just in case, pick up the weapon after and say you wanted to make sure he could not pick it up again to explain any trace of you on it.

      Even with current situation, I prefer it to Canada. I have never lived in a more depressing place in my life. You don’t live there, you just exist, just like a sheltered tame house cat. I get depressed just remembering my time there, or should I say sentence? 40 years? I would rather blow my brains out than face that.


  10. Canadian employers are now demanding that to work as an UNPAID INTERN (WORK FOR FREE), applicants must possess a post-secondary degree and have work experience.

    What has happened to Canada? How is one going to pay the $1,500 a month rent for a ROOM inside a basement apartment in Toronto if they have to undergo tens of thousands of dollars in debt just to work for free?


    1. What employer expects someone to work for free? Who is it? Mr Hoggenheimer? Why would anyone do that? Doesn’t Canada have the dole? Even that is better.


      1. Large companies in Toronto and even the “Business Immigrant” from Asia expects that university graduates “pay their dues” and work for free as interns, while the rents in Toronto are skyrocketing.

        It’s $1,850+ hydro to rent a one-bedroom in a borough of Toronto. Most of the crappy slumlord apartments are repainted and resold for condo resales.


  11. Toronto is more emo than my screen name.

    Young men are committing suicide almost every day by jumping in front of the subway during rush hour. This was what a TTC staff complained on his Facebook account. “Subway jumpers” as they are called—increasing at a disturbing rate every year, mostly single males.

    I don’t blame those guys for choosing that path because if university graduates are expected to work for free to get future prospects for employment and rents are rising by double digit percentages every year, there is no hope for the lower 50th percentile of Canadians.

    Why is working for free even a trend? I recall a friend telling me that the former slaves and indentured labourers in the Caribbean and parts of Africa weren’t paying C$1,500 a month to rent a cockroach infested room inside a basement level, and that after colonization, some of the freed slaves and indentured labourers got large swathes of land for a low cost, or even free if the colonialists were generous.

    Immigrants are being lied to come to Canada, and all they get is wasting money, time and being forced to compete with university graduates to work for free. Canada is worse than a British colony.


  12. Thugs get more rights, and some could argue more intimacy (from the female prison guards) than the law-abiding citizens.

    Thugs who are under 18 could murder innocent lives, and they are treated as babies due to the Youth Justice Act. So you have hardcore mafia and gangsters recruiting 14 year old thugs to commit heinous crimes like murder for hire because the young thugs will only get free counselling, a year in prison and free intimacy from the prison guard.


    1. Canada is a politically correct hellhole in which children are taught from a young age they do not have to take responsibility for their actions or crimes.
      I listen to canatards complain about the American system of justice.
      My answer, at least America locks up most of it’s criminals. Canada is slapping people on the wrists for their actions no matter how severe they might be.


      1. People who offend women, LGBT or Jews get more prison time and negative media coverage compared to a thug who shot up a crowded area. The thugs and school bullies get free therapy and sometimes free sex from the teachers who are paid to protect students from gang violence.


  13. Exactly. Canada is the worse scam ever for an educated immigrant who has to pay top dollar to live alongside thugs, criminals.

    How does Canada keep repeating lies to foreigners overseas to come to Canada and become trapped in a toxic and soulless hell?

    Some international students from Asia were surprised when they witnessed gun violence because they thought that paying C$1,000 a month for a room inside a condo apartment was a ticket to a safer place. Toronto is a crime-ridden h*llhole and it’s getting worse because of the rents and gang culture.

    The politically correct teachers turn a blind eye when a thug threatens East Indian and Asian students with a weapon such as a hunting knife or gun, even erasing video footage recorded from the school cameras, but should that East Indian or Asian student say something which is offensive, the thug complains and the school teachers suspend the Asian student for raycism or “creating a toxic environment”.

    Is this what professional immigrants want their children to be subject under?


    1. If an asian is charged with racism for reporting a crime, the race of the thug is obvious.. Asian immigrants are probably some of the easiest you could expect: hard working, non-violent, and do not steal.

      Gun violence is normal for us, but it is preferable to the PC of Canada. I would rather live with the crime here and take my chances with the hijackers, home attackers etc, than live in canada and for sure be the victim of some PC charge because I am outspoken. If even an asian can fall victim to the thought police and racism charges, then an old school conservative white man is like a buck in hunting season.

      I am a professional person with a good income. Would be 6 figures in CDN dollars. Of course not as much in dollar terms I would earn there I think. But there is more to life than money. Here I can live. There I would die inside.

      When I was there one those fat Hoggenheimer types wanted to rent me one of those basement flats for an exorbitant amount. I would not be surprised if he demanded 6 million. That is no life.

      It is hard to describe the euphoria I felt when I finished my sentence and left the place. I was on a high for months. I knew that I would never go back. Better to die in africa with the sun on my face and be buried in the red soil, than to die in some small soulless heated apartment buried in snow.


      1. You’re spot on about dying in this frozen dull wasteland called Canada. Living here is a prison sentence. Worse is having to listen to canatards brag up how good it is here.
        I’m glad I missed the free lobotomy when I was born here.
        I will escape someday !!


        1. Winter in Toronto is messed up. Do you know how much I cringe if I reach my 50s and 60s and end up dying alone inside an apartment like the thousands of Boomer men who were left behind the new world economic system?

          Our fellow South African has raised an important point: It’s better to live a life than to exist to live in a depressing climate.

          South Africa does have its problems, but if a man is making six-figures there while Toronto uni graduates can’t even get hired to work for free because everyone else wants to work for free for Mr. Hoppenheimer and his Rotman company, then that speaks volumes as to how Canada is a lie and only a few benefit from the system.

          It’s as if Canada is a neo-feudal society, and that it thrives on political correctness and tensions to divide the masses.


  14. Now you’re making me more depressed man!

    You’re making 6 figures in South Africa?

    Meanwhile, uni graduates are struggling to get “hired” for unpaid interns in Toronto?!

    Something is wrong with the economy in Toronto. The Canadian government boasts that the GDP is US$50,000 but one can’t even find a work for free job in Toronto which claims a GDP of US$80,000+.

    Rents here are messed up dude: There are shady people from Sri Lanka and India who are buying up large swathes of buildings along the trendy parts of Toronto, forcefully evicting the long-term tenants and then re-leasing the properties for triple the market rate of the rents.

    Basement apartments are now called “condos” in the Jane & Finch area and they sell for over C$500,000. I’m not kidding.

    One has to get an hourly income of C$20/hr to afford a basement apartment in Toronto, yet the average wage is C$16/hr and uni graduates starting wage is working for free for the large companies for “work experience”.

    If this happened in South Africa, I would be certain that there would be riots. Do South Africans have to work for free in Johannesburg or Cape Town? I would probably get beaten up if I told a South African that I will offer them a crappy basement for C$2,000 a month and tell them to study four years for a uni degree and work for free. Why do Canadians allow this thievery?


  15. James,
    Canada does much more than a slap on the wrist if your crime is non PC speech. That Human Rights Council goes after anyone who doesn’t propagate the multiculti PC line as if they are serial killers. I am not sure what they do if someone in Canada posts something non PC on Twitter or Faceberg. In the UK they prosecute them for what they say on social media. But Germany must be the worst.

    America has much more free speech than Canada. A man is not really free if he cannot speak his mind. I would agree calls to violence against others for race or religion or sexual orientation should not be allowed, but merely expressing your opinion? Those Human Rights Councils are nothing more than thought police.

    Emo, at 10:1 Rand to the CDN dollar I earn 6 figures in dollars. Skills are in short supply here. We have internships here but they are paid. The average intern salary is R5900

    No one will work for free here. Slavery is against the law and employers must pay at least the minimum wage.


    1. The average intern in South Africa earns C$590 a month, but the intern in Toronto has to compete with thousands of other uni graduates to work for C$0 a month.

      Why do Canadians put up with this?

      House prices in South Africa are probably cheaper than Toronto, yet Toronto employers demand that uni graduates work for free. Shame!


      1. If you compare, the average rent here for a 1 bedroom apartment is 5000-6000 per month in big cities. Far cheaper than Crapada.

        When compared with the average monthly salaries and average rental prices, these are South Africa’s most affordable cities to rent in:

        Polokwane – 12% of monthly income spent on rent;
        Port Elizabeth – 15% of monthly income spent on rent;
        East London – 15% of monthly income spent on rent;
        Johannesburg – 16% of monthly income spent on rent;
        Pretoria – 17% of monthly income spent on rent.

        I am middle aged and my house was fully paid l by the time I was 40. And it is a very large home in an upmarket area. When I was a recent graduate, 3 or 4 of us would rent a house and have lots left over to party. If you want to rent a house it can be 16000-35000 per month depending on size and location. It is common here for several students to rent a digs.

        When I studied in Canada I rented a house on my own with the money I had saved from the military and a scholarship I won, then when that ran out I shared a house with 5 other students for my last year. Better that than line Hoggenheimer’s pockets. I didn’t even stick around long enough to get my degree. I handed in my thesis and left immediately, asking them to forward it to me. That is how bad I wanted to get out. I didn’t even have to be anywhere at a certain time. I just wanted to get out like a convict counting down his sentence.

        I wish you luck planning your escape Boet. I think you can manage to live on like $20 per day in many third countries but it may be more now. I managed on $10 per day but that was 1989. That is cheaper than Hoggenheimer’s slum and gives you time to come up with a life plan. Travelling on $600 per month including meals beats giving Hoggenheimer $2000 while working for free.

        A few months elsewhere will clear your head and opportunities may come up. Most likely you will not go back. I feel your pain. I know how miserable life can be in Crapada.


  16. You’re lucky man!

    Most of my friends have ended up homeless or have committed suicide. They are young men who have not achieved a rank in the social ladder. The only classmate from my high school who is doing partly well is a fruity dude who might have gotten the government job because he fits the criteria for a token LGBTQ person.

    If you talk with a deep voice, the locals either become fearful or view that as aggressive attitudes. This explains why I’ve noticed strong and muscular Jamaican and African men talking like females and more softer than Prince playing the role of an effeminate asexual popstar.

    Lots of young men want to leave Toronto, but they are trapped: They can’t find a job to save money, and if they do find a job, the rents keep on going higher and higher to obscene levels.

    The average wage in Toronto is C$16 which translates to roughly C$2,400 a month, yet rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the low-income parts of Toronto start from C$1,800+ hydro, which means you are only left with around C$400 for food and transit expenses. Paycheck to paycheck.


  17. I have a friend who told me that the college he graduated from deceived him by advertising a temporary contract, only to be told during the info session (and after spending hundreds of shekels on interview clothing) that the contract is unpaid but the college will provide lunch.

    He tried to raise this issue with the student union, which he views as being skewed towards desperate international students who are afraid to speak up, but they haven’t responded or acknowledged his complaint.

    His complaint was that Canada is conning people to study for post-secondary degrees, only to be deceived again, and told that they are offered work for free jobs. He bluntly pointed out that after colonialism, the former slaves and indentured servants in the Caribbean, South America and some parts of Africa were offered land at low or even at no cost from the colonialists.

    He asked why are graduates working for free when the indentured servants lived in plantation housing for free, but Toronto apartments are starting to become shit holes and cost more than a plot of land post-colonialism in warmer climates?


    1. Your friend is an international student? I was one but I was offered a paid post, but just short term contract. Again that was long ago. I did not even bother to apply for any jobs after I graduated there as I had no desire to stay. When I eventually got home I found a paying job easy enough.

      I knew that as a conservative person, non feminist, non PC, and non apologetic white south african I had no future there. Our culture is very different and I really did not want to assimilate. Certainly not find a woman and settle there.

      I got along with black african fellow students, but could not relate at all to liberal canadians. Liberal canadians could not even understand how ‘racist’ white south africans and black africans could be friends and our dialogue would shock them. Easy. We understand each other and are far more tolerant of differences than a liberal. They do not even now what racism actually is. They only think they do and like to tell the whole world how to live and if you don’t agree you are racist, homophobic or some other label. The only thing I had in common with liberal canadians was our skin colour and language.

      But if that is tough, I imagine it must be much tougher for an immigrant who is not white, whose english is a second or third language. and whose culture is poles apart. It must be even more lonely for them. Sandeep or Mohammed removed from his support network, dumped in an alien culture and completely different climate and language must really suffer and be seen as a target for economic exploitation. At least I could communicate there, even if my accent is very different, and we often interpret things differently.

      Shekels is exactly the problem. Who is running your banks? The same problem USA has in terms of who controls policy and imposes PC. Trump’s latest idiocy as a so called peace plan shows who is pulling his strings.


  18. My friend is a local student, but the liberal Canadians assume that he is a refugee from Syria.

    He doesn’t like the “con game” that he refers to as “Toronto life”. The winners are the immigration lawyers like Diamond & Diamond who have an immigration law firm and a temporary worker firm located at the same building (Google search Diamond immigration: Sheppard West).

    And these Diamonds and Goldbergs expect uni graduates to work for free.


    1. Diamond and Goldberg…. enough said. That says it all. Usury and exploitation are to be expected. But anyone who uses the services of such shylocks can expect to for ever be repaying with a pound of flesh.

      You may as well have given your money to Berni Madoff and believed his chutzpah of striking it rich. You would also have been left with nothing while he counts his shekels.


      1. Cohen is also a huge immigration law firm in Canada.

        These Diamonds, Goldbergs, Cohens and other immigration lawyers are profiting off the dreams, savings and blood of innocent foreigners, by fooling them to come to Canada to work for free or to clean public toilets despite holding an MBA or Phd.


      2. Mr. Diamond of Diamond & Diamond brings immigrants to Canada, while his Diamond & Diamond recruiting firm hires temp labour for pennies on the dollar.

        In other words, migrating to Canada is an elaborate scam that Diamond, Goldberg, Cohen and most recently the Patels have created to create a subhuman class of serfs and consumers.

        Who will pay C$2,500 to rent a crappy 2-bedroom apartment from Mr. Goldberg? Immigrants who were told a lie and given false dreams. People with ethics do not lie to people like that.


  19. I’ve read welfare law, and can you believe that a welfare recipient has to actively seek work or work in an unpaid job for a minimum set hours for Mr.Goldberg in order to receive benefits?

    Mr. Goldberg and his Indian scammer are striking it rich with finding slaves in Toronto.

    Work for free for Mr. Goldberg or Mr. Patel for a government cheque of C$700 a month, while giving C$650 to Mr. Goldberg’s landlord brother.

    Canada is a scam and a trap that one cannot get out of man!

    And then you’re at the mercy of a JAP with a supremacy complex who can get you fired for offending her or making her feel uncomfortable at the workplace. Mr. Goldberg’s daughter was offended that she’s offended that you’re a straight male and doesn’t act like an Indian eunuch for Mr. Patel.


      1. I was referring to articles that show that 9% of Canadians have emigrated and live abroad from statscan. Maybe you can google emigration yourself. It only goes to show that the young and educated canadians leave, because they know it is better abroad. The shylocks therefore import new grist for the mill for their pound of flesh. It is not only white canadians leaving. Many others return to their homelands.

        I think we all know why young educated people who are in demand will leave. If you add in those that want to leave but can’t due to finances or they can’t get accepted elsewhere with their skills, the 9% would become 25% or more.


      2. Mr. Goldberg or Diamond & Diamond Law firm and his foot soldiers like Patel the lying immigration consultant are shutting down websites and comments which expose the lie and scam of Canadian mass immigration.

        Canada needs immigrants as a new consumer base.

        This website is gone, probably censored. It had like 5,000 comments, most of which were complaints of being lied to and scammed into coming to Canada:


    1. I had to look up JAP. I thought it was short for a japanese person. We have the same but call the kugels:

      A kugel is a special breed of rich middle-aged woman living in Johannesburg. Originally, the word kugel only applied to Jewish women (a kugel a Jewish potato-based dish), but now applies to any spoilt housewife.

      Very distinctive characteristics of kugels are: A very nasal accent, calling everyone “doll”, looking down on people who don’t live in the Northern Suburbs, mistreating their housekeepers, spending half their lives talking on a cellphone, intense Botox treatment, wearing leopardskin patterned clothes and driving fancy 4x4s but refusing to take them offroad.

      They tend to congregate at Sandton City, talk about shoes, nails and other kugels, cheat on their husbands and only tip 5%. A classic stereotypical kugel is Gwen Anderson from the South African comic strip Madam and Eve.
      Kugel: Like, you know what I’m saying doll, she knows her husbands having an affair with….(25 minutes pass)… anyway, I have to like hang up doll, my nails are almost dry and I have to hurry up to get my hair done… ok doll, mwah bye.

      Same Tribe same obnoxious behaviour, worshipping Mammon.


      1. Mr. Goldberg and his clique own almost everything in Toronto.

        One of the most politically correct & extreme feminist university campuses in Toronto, Ryerson University expanded the student centre, hiked tuition fees, and they renamed it to the Sheldon and Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre.

        They’re everywhere man!


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