Already Heard It: Common English Canadian Arguments

Table of Contents:

1) Arguments of Exceptionalism
1.1) Natural exceptionalism
1.1a) “Canada is a big country”
1.1b) “Canadian weather”
1.1c) “Blessed with resources”
1.2) Social exceptionalism

          1.2a) “Grit and Heart”
          1.2b) “Hockey mentality”
1.3c) Canadian politeness

2) Arguments of “No, You”
2.1) “Everything is worse elsewhere”
2.1a) “You’re just running away from your problems”
2.1b) “Just move to [currently booming location in Canada]”
2.2) “It isn’t that bad”
2.2a) Meaningless comparisons to the United States
2.2b) Revisionism as evidence of success
2.2c) “You’re being dramatic/overreacting”

3) Arguments of Misinformation
3.1) Indian relations
3.1a) “the Drunken Injins”
3.1b) Misinformation regarding the Indian Act
3.2) International Affairs
3.2a) “Canada: loved and respected”
3.2b) Mythologism regarding peacekeeping
3.2c) Ignorance regarding the status of new immigrants
3.3) Economics
3.3a) Disregard for the perils of the Staples Trap

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