Are you looking to move to Canada? Do you think that English Canada is “like America but without the bullshit”? Are you falsely informed about Canada? It isn’t your fault that you’ve been fed a pile of maudlin lies about “sorry” and Mounties and make-believe quirks – you’ve been deceived by English Canada, the most amorphous, vacuous, and disgraceful morass of people to ever claim nationhood. Before we get to the exhausting list of arguments and indictments against Canada, allow me to lay the purpose and function of this blog out, plain and simple:

This blog exists because the real Canada exists and is being ignored.

I want to both deflate falsehoods about Canada that English Canadians spew all the bloody time and to provide snippets of insight into the dark abyss that is real Canada. The real Canada –  the one whose first leader was a corrupt, genocidal drunk, the one with the history of sexual slavery in hellish prison-schools; the rudderless, directionless, thoughtless, ad-hoc Canada which fakes its way to mediocrity and expects accolades – that Canada is a big problem. And it’s a problem that doesn’t get mentioned in the tour guides, even if the cover-up is repeated ad nauseum in English Canada’s cultural memory.

From middling quality of life to wretched attitudes to poor designs to horrific consequences, this blog is going to slog through reason after reason why a person would leave Canada to seek brighter shores and better pastures. And it seeks to show the inferiority of English Canadian non-culture to those who would believe the mythology of friendly yokels and post-racial harmony.

The story of the real Canada looks like this:

Comments are, of course, grand – just be careful not to play any arguments that I’ve accounted for on my Already Heard It page, because you will be mocked and ignored if you do. With that, all aboard the long and hard slog through the mucky-muck that is English Canada!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. A refreshing blog that unfortunately is truly reflecting the sorry state of this country. Saying this as a ‘new’ Canadian wishing he never made the unfortunate decision to settle in Canuckistan.


  2. First of, please allow me to express in a very basic English my deep gratitude for describing the multiple faces of Canadian mediocrity ! I couldn’t believe I’ll find someday someone sharing and expressing the exact same feelings without embarrassment … ! from first day I stepped in I’ve been so many years an immigrant who faced so much of it…without possibility to get a one way ticket back to the worse corrupt country I came from! so Thank you so much for this blog !

    BTW I am using a pseudo and not my real name to make my comment. I live in Montreal Quebec, French speaking immigrant, and it’s not better ! it’s even more complicated anywhere in all Quebec ! And I have few friends in Ontario Ottawa and Toronto and quiet aware of what’s going on + serving and working for over 12 years the western provinces and Atlantic provinces, I have my very good idea about the whole mess.

    Just want to add few other ideas that are complementary to the ones expressed in this blog, and please correct me if I am wrong.

    – Despite being an independent nation, Canada, as part of the ”Commonwealth realm” has inherited and preserved the residues of the former British empire behavior patterns and dysfunctions that still reflects today…one of them is the Apartheid syndrome leading to major and obvious social and economic shameful inequity… in a very rich country (continent country) that only counts 38 million population ! and this is not affecting only recent immigrants but over 70% of the native British (Cakers) and French ! while a little portion of immigrants who could and can afford and succeed in university are socially not doing so bad…even if intellectually and mentally are finishing up joining the mediocrity train !

    – Same shit with the post WW2 Atlantic Alliance residue BS ! After sacrificing hundreds of thousands of innocents on the front line butcheries during the two major world wars, Canadians inherited against their will all the BS propaganda, racism, cold war damages and all the consequences ! until today they are not allowed to question or criticize the history…but only allowed to remember the ”victory” and the courage of the veterans once a year !

    – Mediocrity in this country is very contagious. No it’s worse ! I would even say that the less mediocre have no other options or choices to ask to be contaminated and infected as the only way to be ”integrated” in jobs, society and get your dignity back…another reason why people are bitter, bleak and resentful !

    – What does it mean to be successful in Canada ? work like a prostitute to be able to make conversations that you own a house that looks like a shed and own a nice car…and demonstrate your genius in getting low interest rate and a high credit line at the same time…in other words how you could manage to screw up your life with debts for expensive goods that makes you sink in more debts for maintenance, taxes and renovations.

    – health issues and complications are incredibly high for each individual starting at the 40’s if not earlier, very high stress and socially unsustainable conditions + shitty quality of life are leading to rare, serious and vicious disorders affecting 99% of the population. Medical structures are overwhelmed, doctors in majority are nothing but the custodians of an advanced social and professional status. Competence in this field is a rare commodity in general, and mediocre doctors are the norm ! some of them will have no scruples to blame you for your condition without providing any significant assistance ! or will ask you to visit their private offices or clinics, or will express disgust at your condition ! horror stories are exceeding imagination ! like all regulated professions, you can send your complain…and wait a decade !

    – Sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction is a common symptom too ! fetish and perverted sex is not a taboo but a friendly alternative. Sex is everywhere, at work more than any other place, the reality is few happy days or months in couples, then nothing…followed by cycles of abstinence and/or intensive masturbation , all in loneliness, sadness, feel of guilt ! the worse is there are no competent doctors to help anywhere ! as stated above competence in this field is a rare commodity in general, mediocre specialists are the norm !

    – Second generation immigrants are perpetuating, glorifying the mainstream mediocrity, especially the Caucasian / European second and third generations… racism, hate speech, hockey speech, Excessive ego speech in general, and mafia like culture of money and practices, real estate and income property inherited from parents are the external signs of shitty wealth that turns very quickly to be so insufficient leading to real transformation to crooks, mobsters, and very rarely to jail thanks to a complex network of friends, cousins who are lawyers or cops or resolving litigation through amicable cash settlements.

    – not talking about so many other issues, social ones, economic ones, political ones, while struggling with paycheck to paycheck or lose it’s job due to criminal harassment, unfair pressure, racism, intimidation, criminal assault and aggression, and fighting alone against incompetence and generalized mediocrity….I will end my comment here today.

    Thank you again for this precious blog and chance for me to express a few of it, I am not having the intention to bother you any longer…. but it is very important that we start somewhere to tell these fucking assholes that there are so many human beings, great people, great Canadians who will never ever accept to melt in the social and intellectual ambient mediocrity.

    Go in peace !


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