#202 – Folks

I feel like I’m announcing a monster truck rally here, friends. The leftist iteration of caker self-narrative has been replaced by the rightist iteration of caker self-narrative here in Onterrible, land of the wretched and home of the formless. The false self-narrative of Canada as a welcoming, upwardly-mobile utopia of magical diversity unicorns has been banished to the wilderness. Quite literally – 1/7th of the Liberal caucus is from a wasteland. And returning to power from the political cold is the false self-narrative of truck balls, Don Cherry, and buck-a-beer Canadiana. Meanwhile, absolutely nothing changes in the underlying rot of the province except that I’ll be able to buy overpriced beers at convenience stores, which is an improvement in my immediate living conditions that government has failed to give me for many years. I’ll take it.

The whole campaign was a disgusting election with cringeworthy moments galore, but pants-on-head retardation on the campaign trail is hardly unique to Canada. I mean, don’t those links tell you everything? Antiquated memes, massive accounting errors, Hot Topic-esque edge. Fuck, man. That post isn’t even worth writing. Nah, what we’re going to do now is simple – we’re going to celebrate the fall of the technocracy and its replacement by a retarded form of the same thing, because there is absolutely nothing on this earth that I celebrate more than the Liberal Party failing except for Canada failing. So without further a-fucking-do, it’s time to introduce the star of our show, the guy who toppled Ontario’s weaselly aristocrats and left them quite literally without Party status in the 42nd Parliament of Ontario.


Welcome, motherfuckers, to Ford Nation.

Yes, with a blistering 58% of the population deigning to give enough of a fuck to go to one of Canada’s myriad decrepit, fading pieces of civic infrastructure and draw an X in a circle we have decided that the man smiling at you will be the new government. What does this entail? Beyond the ability to buy booze without going to a government agency, auditing the shit out of the Wynne government’s books, the embarrassingly useless stylings of caker business nakedly shitting on this province, and providing an unending source for the hand-wringing shit-peddling that passes for journalism in this country, I don’t really know what Folks will specifically do to make Ontario even worse than it already is. But I can tell you that I’m fucking stoked for it.


Because that gearning slickback iceberg of a man just kicked Canada in the goddamn teeth. Prince Selfie just went from having a pliant lapdog to a guy who is going to take Ottawa to Hell in a Cell over carbon emissions taxation, and there are two more friends of the federal Liberals on the chopping block before the 2019 federal elections. In Quebec, a scandal-ridden Liberal government with a Wynne-like approval rating among the Francophones of Quebec got fucking steamrolled by the CAQ, and Alberta’s anomalous Notley government is also slated for the ash-heap. The incoming governments all spell bad things for #RealChange: Ford’s populist appeal, Legault’s deployment of Quebecois nationalism, and Kenney’s…well, Kenny’s everything each offer Justin challenges that he frankly has no clue how to face.

In other words, Canada is looking mighty bloody frail internally at a time when it desperately needs to be able to present a unified front against Donald Trump, who has clearly seen through Canada’s bullshit and wants to rough this place up something fierce. Has anyone else watched Aggretsuko? The Don reminds me of Ton, the chauvinistic boss character from that show. Actually, this entire event reminds me of Ton’s callout of Retsuko, which is probably helped by Ford looking more than a little like Director Ton. Between a fraying provincial fabric and international pressure, Canada’s going to be sweating at precisely a time when it can’t afford to.

For someone who hates this fucking shitheap, this is the best show I have seen in years. Already we’ve seen Folks’ unique brand of caker politicking: friends getting promotions they aren’t qualified for, lunatics in high places, an obscene and frankly bizarre obsession with alcohol, and an overabundant interest in Toronto that overrides the pitiable state of the rest of the province and that, of course, entrenches retarded ideas by megaproject into the urban fabric. And he apparently wants to gut the already-dysfunctional healthcare system.

At the same time as all this, though, there’s a dirty truth that needs to be set out into the world. Folks is what Ontarians expect. And he’s what Ontarians deserve. But most of all, he’s really nothing more than a grosser, fatter, more retarded version of the same idiocy that has governed Canada’s “best” province for as long as I have been alive. He is the rightist version of Kathleen Wynne, who was guilty of the same styling but with a bizarre obsession over green energy instead of booze. At least getting wasted is familiar to these worthless cretins.

To wrap up a post that I should have fired off a long time ago: Folks is a wrecking ball that will govern Ontario like a sixth-grader’s idea of a Mafia outfit. He’ll rip out idiotic leftist virtue-signalling and replace it with idiotic rightist virtue-signalling. He’ll continue to see the Premiership as a “Turbo-Mayorality of the Greater Toronto Area” as the rest of the province sinks like a Lada on a Siberian “highway”. And for all of that meddling in Toronto that miserable stinkhole of a city won’t get any better.

But at least he’s scaring Socks, and anything that makes the shittiness of this wretched hive of a country more apparent is something I can get behind. Swing on, Folks. Not like I’ll be living in this miserable province for much longer anyways. Fuck it – at least failure can finally be entertaining instead of merely being an inducement to drink.


8 thoughts on “#202 – Folks”

  1. I hate Canada I have no where to vent. So I will vent here.

    This is Thailand Bangkok:

    This is Montreal

    Montreal ugly metro system

    Let’s be honest Canada is a shit hole. It is a boring shit hole with no future. Why do you think Whites people birth rate is so low in Canada, it is because Whites people don’t want to see their kids live in a shit hole country and don’t reproduce. I am still surprised Canada can attracted immigrants.

    The new star in Canada politics is now Maxime Bernier. All Canada political parties support high immigration number. They are all the same. Better stay home and watch porn.


  2. Hi friend,
    Glad that you still alive!

    Since the election, I followed what is happening in ontario. And from a french speaking québécois, it a human made disaster. The Ford’s clans is canada’s versions of the Trump’s clans. A bunch of idiots with lot of connections who’s only merite is to have money in large quantities. When I compare with Quebec, I think we did a better choice. Legault is far from perfect and still a conservative type of politician. Legault is much closer to the center that Ford. Legault listen to the people without giving up anything to wedges politics, unlike Ford who play wedges and hates politics to the fullest.

    If we judge the quality of a nation by the Quality of it elected leaders, I think that Quebec wins.


  3. i knew a guy from greece whose dream it was to move to canada. he was here for about three months before he discovered what a soulless gulag this is and decided to leave. to add fuel to the fire, the place is so expensive that even saving enough money to go back was a hassle. To this day he laments the whole experience. and I’ve heard similar stories from many people domestic and foreign. I was born in the early 90s. My whole generation is confused, anxious, depressed, hopeless, aimless…i used to think the lack of motivation simply stemmed from depression and never gave it more than a second thought but after traveled abroad for a few years it became crystal clear there’s no motivation because this country is pergatory and we’re all just waiting for something. I feel sorry for the dummies (and there are many of them) that have never traveled outside of canaduh. They’re of the most fervently patriotic lot and they’re mostly all cakers, go figure. Therapists always told me “you need to have a goal, you need to have an aim” and when I asked them how to choose a goal, they’d just shrug their shoulder and shove a fat bill in my face. Well I understand what my aim is – to escape this fuckin drab-ass ghetto like my mom escaped the commies. You think, after 8 months of bone piercing wind and snow and 359 days of overcast, the policy makers would make life hard for these poor people. But nope – restrictions restrictions restrictions ! Anything that might be pleasurable is in some way restricted or taxed or regulated. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came up with a breathing license or a ‘walking on the side-walk’ tax. Fuck this. No wonder canadian suicide rate is second highest in the world. I tried to light a cigar at a coffee shop patio once – the person next to me called the fuckin cops. I half expected it but you get the idea…cheers


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