#201 – Shit City, Part One: Introduction + Winnipeg, Manitoba

It’s time to introduce a new series to the blog! Canadian cities are banal, awful places full of boredom and misery. Residents of cities having a rough go of unaffordability, poor transit, and limited opportunities have all been addressed generally by this blog before. Shit City is my chance to highlight the specific failures afflicted on the residents of each and every major Canadian center. We’re going to get into transit timing using Google Maps, discuss a lot of ratios of income to pricing of all sorts of local goods, and read some opinions and reviews from tourists and locals alike about the local “attractions”. Shit City will follow a framework, which is going to work thus for the moment:

  1. Introduction
  2. Ratios and numbers:
    Income to housing prices
    Income to food prices
    Poverty rates/food bank use/homelessness (whatever I can find)
  3. Access to transit
  4. Reviews of local “attractions”

Right, let’s get started then with our first Shit City, and what a Shit City it is. We’re talking about Winnipeg, the discarded rail-town that was left to rot on the banks of the Red River. The legendary tragedy of Winnipeg, home to Indigenous gangs and a group that fishes bodies out of the Red River is well-established. On top of being the home of one of Canada’s most brutal police actions, Winnipeg’s role in Canadian city lore is to serve as the Oakland of Canada – scrappy, mean, poor, and influential in pop culture. Winnipeg got all but the last one right, which is a shame because the combination of Indigenous heritage and urban cataclysm produces some dope raps.

Instead of dope raps, Winnipeg is epitomized by the Weakerthans’ “One Great City“. When Can-Con is mocking a place in Canada you know it sucks. The first two lines of the song might as well be my entire post. “Late afternoon, another day is nearly done/a darker gray is breaking through a lighter one”. This is truly a remarkable song, by the way. It takes some kind of balls to be this honest. See? Canada can’t suck the life out of every artistic endeavor taking place within its wretched walls – only most of them!

Here’s how Winnipeg stacks up by the numbers:

Median total monthly income, family: $81,880/year (2015 figure) / 12 = $6823/month
Monthly income for two full-time minimum-wage earners: $3675 (2017 figure)
Cost of property: $288,500 (2016 figure)
Average rent for 2-bedroom apartment: $1068/month
Average food costs: $819.95 (2011 figure)

This means that the food costs about 12% of median monthly income and that rent will set you back 15.6% of your median family income. That’s actually not all that terrible…but when you’re working minimum wage, it gets ugly. In that case rent is 29% of your monthly income and food is 22%. That means you get $1837.50 to spend on utilities, transportation, debt repayments – everything else.

Criminality and poverty in Winnipeg are concentrated in the city’s notorious North End, which looks like this:

The unemployment rate in the neighborhood of Point Douglas is 9.5% in 2011, and male life expectancy in Point Douglas South was 66.7 years. Which is roughly on par with West Timor, a country that was ravaged by military occupation until 1999. Did you not see the part above where I talked about people fundraising to drag nets along the Red River to look for corpses? Yeah, this place is a total shitheap.

Did I mention that Winnipeg is infamous for gang-related violence? Because we got all kinds of gang violence to talk about, friends! It’s enough of a problem that gangs are pulling the kids of recent migrants into their groups, with upstart gangs forming constantly even as the city pretends to have “resolved” the problem over and over again. Street gangs like the Manitoba Warriors have grown increasingly sophisticated; even worse, police are failing to keep up with their crime sprees. Rivalries between Indigenous gangs and classic Canadian criminal offerings like the Hell’s Angels present all kinds of thrilling chances to see the roiling poverty of Canada’s cities (and imagination) on overdrive.

Winnipeg features classic elements of poor transit planning. An overfixation on suburban routes, cutting services while raising fares, and failure to properly operate critical lines on the route has seen Winnipeg’s transit system hobbled. The city failed at the implementation of electronic fares so badly that the bus drivers’ union demanded that the system be scrapped. During critically important times for transit like New Years’ Eve the Winnipeg transit system simply shits the bed. The impoverished North End features pathetic bus infrastructure, including a pitiful 22% incidence of bus stops with shelters and few routes going anywhere important. Having never taken this transit system the best I can do is to say that the hallmarks of mediocre North American transit are alive and well in Winnipeg.

And you’ll be leaning on that transit something fierce if you don’t have a car, because Christ on a unicycle does the weather in Winnipeg suck. My greatest annoyance with “Peggers” (as nobody should call them) was how, during the hellish depths of the Ottawa winter they would pull that caker conversational classic: “you think this is cold?” Hey, numbnuts – living in a place where the average low temperature in January is -20C isn’t something to be proud of. And don’t forget the muggy, sweaty summers complete with a Biblical plague of random bugs and shit! Even Mother Nature is trying to tell you to clear the fuck out of Winterpeg.

But what of Winnipeg’s tourist attractions, such as they are? Certainly among the more…ostentatious? Hypocritical? Whatever. Canada’s Human Rights Museum is a $300 million testament to vague concepts of human rights in a neighborhood where $300 million could have fixed a whole whack of societal problems. And the reviews are in!

Human Rights Museum Review 1Human Rights Museum Review 2

Unfinished, sloppy exhibits? Fucking sold! The San Jose Sharks declared Winnipeg the most awful place that they have to visit, which is stupid-sad considering that the Sharks also have to visit the ass-end of Fort Lauderdale, Edmonton, and Buffalo. Speaking of hockey, here are some hot takes on the recently-constructed MTS Place, home of the Winnipeg Jets:

Hockey Arena Review 1Hockey Arena Review 2

Poor signage, inadequate transit integration, and a lack of washrooms? That almost sounds like a lack of planning! How could this be? Beyond this, I have found…not much. A shopping mall full of drunks? Some boring outdoor skating? Museums in the middle of nowhere that cost a fortune? Oh…boy?

9 thoughts on “#201 – Shit City, Part One: Introduction + Winnipeg, Manitoba”

  1. you have just shown that nothing in this country is planned; just throw it in the air hopefully it doesn’t fall down? what a joke. except taxes nothing is planned here. The word quality doesn’t exist anymore it is consume and toss. Man, Tecumseth must be pissed.


  2. Hi

    Simple my friend, The central province are the home of canadian libertarianism and social creditism. You know the extreme economic “laissé faire” and the nanoscopic government. That fucking ideology create crumbling city, poor management and heavy corruption. Ideology is a sure way to mess everything whatever is left or right.

    What is sadder, is that it only the beginning of there hell.

    The single industry province is dying on it feet with the canadian extraction industry. The problem with extraction industry is the world wide fire sale of natural resources. Everybody is dumping it natural resource on the international markets with the help of heavy subsidy. The results is that the price are dropping and won’t rise soon. The wise choice would be to wait for the price to raise.
    But the controls is the and of corporate crook and stooges politician.
    So they keep subsidizing to make up for the low price.

    But Quebec who subsidized the oil industry for decades through the consolidated fund of the federal governments is getting tire of paying and while being called a poor province because of all the mythology of the transfers payment.


  3. I think Canada suck where ever you live. Some place suck more then other but overall Canada suck. Canada is a narrow minded pretentious country. It is a feminist hell hole without joy and humor. Only people that have never traveled love this country.

    Take for example, Germany where prostitution is legalized and they have have BDSM club and party. This is one example of such a club https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KitKatClub. Funny how German are sexually pervert yet they are renowned for the engineering skill. Canada Ontario manufacturing only exist by of the car industries. On the world stage nobody cares about Canada and nobody ever talk about Canada.

    Canadians like to think they live in a first world country. At best Canada is a second world country. This is a video of Thailand public transportation system. Compare this to Ontario or Quebec transportation system and tell me who is the 3 world country: Canada is.

    Thailand has a Red light district with girl in bikini. Thailand has some kind of social night life. What Canada offer as social night life nothing. Yeah, there is Montreal, but there is nothing to be impressed if you compare that to other cities world . Or cities in the world also have strippers bar.

    Canadians are losers with no basic social skills. Try to speak to a another white Canadian in a public area like home depot. We won’t able to have a conversation about anything other then weather. You will how see fast the Canadian white people become uncomfortable and afraid of saying something that it is no politically correct. You will see an empty mind and soul in Canadian people.

    I wish I had left this country 10 year ago for the US during the internet boom. During the internet boom I was working with a black guy. He left Canada during the internet boom. He did not seem impress about Canada and Montreal and seem to consider Canada as a shit country with no future.. Everyone who has a brain, intelligence and culture eventually leave Canada. This why nothing gets build in this shit country. They intelligent and capable people leave as soon as they can. Canada is now a shit hole full of muslin

    IHate ThisWorld 12 minutes ago Reply

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Ten years in Winnipeg and I have lost all will to live. If I don’t move soon I will actually kill myself. I stayed that long in this shithole because I looked at what the rest of Canada had to offer, and I saw that it wasn’t going to be any better than Winnipeg… which says a lot about the state of this country.

    I hope I make it out of Canada, I am majorly disappointed in the way things have turned out here.


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