State of the Hate: Moving Forward

I have decided to re-do major sections of the website to provide a more sourced, nuanced criticism of this country instead of screeching and demanding that you do your own fact-checking. The project is pretty huge – I frequently keep nothing from the old post and just do the research over again – but I’ve got the thing on a roll and I really want to hit my goal of getting to post #90 by year’s end.

We are currently up to post #64!

I have been trying and failing to figure out how to make the Table of Contents the front page of the website without getting rid of the Twenty-Fifteen Theme, which is frankly the only theme I understand. I’ve tried a couple of those Lynda classes to figure out WordPress, and…yeah, not there yet.

Additionally, I feel as though this could eventually coagulate into something of a book; if I’m going to do this at all I might as well take it seriously. So here is the rough sketch of the future of this blog:

2018 – Rewrite up to post #90, complete “Shit City” series

2019 – Rewrite up to post #135, complete unnamed series detailing healthcare failures

2020 – Consider publication??

If this is the top post, you’re going to want to keep up with the blog by way of the Table of Contents. If you have any suggestions/comments/criticisms of the Table of Contents please send them along to:

Thanks for reading!

Remove the word “cuck” from this meme and enjoy:

4 thoughts on “State of the Hate: Moving Forward”

  1. I was bullied my whole life by Canadians and now I hope they all get nuked by kim jung. Shit never changes, I’ll be shit on by them my whole life, and the only way to stop it is for them to stop breathing.


  2. Fuck this wretched hellhole. Cakers dress like they just walked through an exploding thrift store and not taking pride in one’s own appearance is rationalized as being a humble person. I cannot wait to leave for greener pastures where slobs are rightly treated with disdain in public.

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