#198 – La Belle at the Ball

Let me disclose this at the very beginning – if there is any Canadian province that I don’t profoundly hate, it is Quebec. I have enormous respect for the Quebecois, a people who I find to be more cultured and interesting than the caker swine who so hypocritcally malign them. Rene Levesque’s Memoirs and his principled response to the terroristic endeavors of the followers of Pierre “White Niggers of America” Vallieres (yes, this is the name of an influential book in Quebecois political thought) influenced me and my political thought profoundly. But Quebec is in Canada, and therefore it is a province with myriad issues.

I need to stress at first that French Quebec has been horrifically mistreated by English Canada. The whole Quiet Revolution thing, which cakers tend to summarize as “grumpy French people who won’t learn English”, was in no small part about the economic disparity on display along linguistic lines. Until the 1960s, English people were almost the entirety of the Quebecois bourgeoisie. Quebec’s siege mentality, I believe, is the result of a real culture having to live next to cakerdom for centuries. Instead of issuing a broad-stroke condemnation of Quebec that I really can’t give (having never really lived with the Quebecois), I’m just going to outline some of the more spectacular incidences of brutality and awfulness lurking in la belle province.

Let’s start with Montreal’s mob and road problem, which the Parti Quebecois accuses the ruling Parti Liberal of stonewalling investigation into because the politics of Quebec are far beyond fucked. It’s estimated that the Italian Mafia in Montreal controls 80% of road construction contracts, and boy do the roads look like it. Oh, and it’s worth noting that among the reasons Montreal is collapsing is the fact that the city raced mindlessly and practically planlessly to finish construction for…Expo ’67 and the ’76 Olypmics! Among the tragic results of this reckless construction, which came with a heaping side order of corruption and Mafia connections within the construction industry was the de la Concorde overpass collapse in 2006. Read the Commission of Inquiry’s findings as to how the overpass collapsed and killed six people and take note of the sheer mass of technical construction issues associated with it.

As anecdotal evidence, I submit that having driven through Montreal in a late 90s Toyota Camry that couldn’t hit 100kph without at least 30 miles of open road, fuck everything about the state of Montreal’s roads.

(S) Round One of “Canada or Kazakhstan”!

So as to not give cakers any ammo with which to hypocritically attack the French, let’s spend the rest of this post here writing about the familiar bugbear of this blog – Indigenous Affairs! For what it’s worth, Quebec does have the lowest rate of child poverty on reserves in Canada. I only add this to make sure that cakers don’t go and take my condemnations as somehow vindicating English Canada. Right, so let’s talk about the Val D’Or problem. Starting in 2015, Indigenous women reported systemic sexual and physical abuse from police officers in the town of Val D’Or. The consequences of this savagery for the police officers was…nothing. This understandably creates what Pravda refers to as “a climate of tension and mistrust” between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. This is being discussed in a Quebec-wide inquiry, which speaks to the prevalence of cruelty within the province’s policing system.

And heaven help you if you live in the North of Quebec, known properly as Ungava. Despite having a bitchin’ name that would do well in any Tolkien-esque high fantasy novel Ungava is in fact a miserable place to live. Ungava is frankly a world apart from Quebec, and cartoonization of the Inuit is a rampant problem. Child and youth suicide is a big problem here as everywhere in Canada; in Quebec the incidence of suicide among these Inuit communities was twenty-five times greater than among Quebecois and three times greater than Indigenous rates in the rest of Canada. Granted, that data is from 1995 – but by the looks of it not much has changed.

So I hoped I pissed on enough cakers by providing a rough sample of Quebec’s failures without giving English Canada ammo to use against the Quebecois. Because frankly, there is plenty of overlap in the problems Quebec has and the problems that the rest of Canada does.

4 thoughts on “#198 – La Belle at the Ball”

  1. Hi friend,

    You went easy on us, thank you for the concern. But at the same, you miss an opportunity to give a proper slapping to our local caker. You know the one who fear instinction the anglophone of quebec despite that quebec is surrounded by 300 millions anglophones. The constant whining and naging of the gazette, seriously that news paper is a concentrated of the worst mother-in-law and father-in-law of quebec.

    The screwed up british political system is a good topic. That system maintained the corrupt liberal despite having 30% of the votes. So feel free to slap our political system, which append to be canada political system for all canada’s province and the federal. What quebec need first is a proper political system in order to kick out the liberal and the corruptions.

    For Ungava, it shameful. Most of the first nation is stuck in a political no-man lane between Quebec in Ottawa. Ottawa is in charge of the health and education system for the first nation as well as lodging. So live crowded despid having lot of space around. Got little health care and no proper education all of that because Ottawa don’t take it responsability. At the same time, Quebec is neglecting is basic humanitarian duty with in it territory by not providing those necessities and did not sue the federal governments in supreme court for negleting it duty. What we need to do is to transfert as well as the tax point the responsability to Quebec and integrate there health care and education with Quebec system. That way they will be able to get an college degree (two years of university in the rest of canada) for free and University degree for a relatively cheap price with the same healthcare as the rest of the province which is bad, but better that what They current l’y have.

    About giving amos to the caker, don’t worry they don’t need your help for that. If they find nothing, they will follow D. Trump exemple and will goes for alternatives facts like Andrew Potter did.
    So you can give us critiques as much as you want and as long as it constructives we will be able to take it, no problem.

    Also they share most of our problem, but they won’t admit it, even under 3th degree torture.


    1. Hey Alain! Thanks for the feedback. I was really hoping you’d weigh in. To be quite honest my knowledge of Quebec is not at a level where I can critique much except for the obvious (which are the ones I went for with that post). English Canada doesn’t talk about the realities of Quebec, instead preferring to say that Quebec is “mean” and “entitled” while ignoring their own cruelties and entitlement.


  2. Open to the world as long as it speak english. And since the only info are from the professional whiner that still complaining over the lost privileges like The Gazette or the idiots from Maclean’s. They got that biased view of Quebec.

    I got a little question, is there a worthy newspaper in roc? One that can do serious work with high standards of methodology, like the Gardian or the BBC in UK. Because to me it seem to me that you got two types of media: Left Biased newspaper or right biased.
    The first call me a racist fool who is stuck in ethnic nationalisms and the second call a lazy idiot who abuse the generosity of canada.
    Is following an ideology mandatory or just that thinking thing through is so out-of-date?


    1. There is no newspaper worth reading in English Canada. The Star is passable reading material, but it is the best out of a bad lot. However, if you enjoy reading Soviet-style propaganda about how amazing Canada is because it really doesn’t have any “real problems,” then English Canadian newspapers are the place for you.


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