#196 – The Greyer Toronto Area

Back on track.

Fuck the GTA.

In the preliminary research for this post, I asked a friend of mine for examples of particularly atrocious development in the Greyer Toronto Area. The places he tossed my way – Sherway Gardens, Upper Canada Mall, and Erin Mills Town Center, among others – looked like my interpretation of purgatory. As we were chatting in dawned on me that the places he cited were often malls. Why malls, I thought?

Then it hit me – the names of the malls are literally the only distinguishing features of these formless hellscapes. The areas around these places are horrifying. Here’s a fun activity – go to Street View and go see the sights. Oh, and by fun I meant deadening. There’s a reason Toronto has been described as “Vienna surrounded by Phoenix”. Having actually visited Phoenix before I can confirm the sentiment, only in the GTA (which is unworthy of being written out properly) you also get to deal with the shittiness of Canada. Hoo-fucking-ray.

(S) Above: the sum of available activity within walking distance at a given point in the GTA

I want to showcase some of the worst architecture and design in the GTA to highlight what I mean about the place sucking harder than a shop-vac. I’ve taken to calling these things CAD-fapping because they look like they were designed by someone trying to compensate for their perceived sexual inadequacies. There are also some charming (read: terrifying) piles of housing dreck, thrilling lands of neglect and inaccessibility, and large roadways. So many large roadways. So without further ado, time to look at some horror!

(S)  Absolute World, Mississauga

First up on the mockery block is this piece of shit. 60 Absolute is called “Marilyn Monroe”, because apparently looking at random skewers of glass and metal plopped in the middle of fucking nowhere reminded someone of an iconic sex figure. Sexy this is not – just check out this website. Scroll down to the review section at the bottom of the page and have a laugh as people alternatively lament their idiotic purchase and attempt to puff the place up because they bought the condo as an “investment”.

Whoever bought into this quackery clearly doesn’t want to walk anywhere. Look at this garbage urban form – these towers literally loom over an entire shitty suburb! It’s a fitting metaphor, the image of the old shitty land use planning being cast into darkness by a new, even worse urban form. These things are a fucking blight. They inspire a sense of pity, not one of awe.

Oh, and a quick search reveals that this bizarre and wildly inappropriately-placed development was designed by the architectural firm MAD Studio. MAD indeed.

(S) Rain & Senses, Oakville

What’s with that name? And for that matter, why does this look like a glassblowing titan just took a massive dump on a boring office building from the 70s which was itself the apparent result of a giant squatting on a couple of suburban houses?  These two glitchy-looking shits start at a mere $400,000! And look at what you get to live near! At least one side of the building literally faces a parking lot, which is not what I see in this mock-up sketch.

Now that I think of it, none of the surroundings look like this. Which makes the call to experience the “neighborhood” of Oakville (Oakville is not a neighborhood, it’s a town.  A suburban shithole town, sure. But it’s what passes for a town in Cakerstan) even funnier. Here’s the text: “The Oakville lifestyle is one without comparison, and residents can attest that there’s no neighbourhood quite like it.”

I wonder if these developers understand how stupid the phrase “Oakville lifestyle” sounds, unless they mean driving while scowling.

(S) New York Towers, North York

Oh, do I fucking hate these things. When I’m forced to experience the extreme displease that is driving through Toronto these fucking abominations are always there to greet me. The sadsack attempt at the Empire State building and the fact that this piece of shit isn’t exactly in Manhattan reminds me of something that one of those Chinese ghost cities would do so as to attract “investment”. Let’s be perfectly clear – surrounded by sprawl and highways, these pitiful attempts at mimicry offer a living experience that has nothing in common with the image of Manhattan that this clump is trying so hard and failing to evoke. Unless your idea of Manhattan is a bunch of curvilinear road networks beside a bevy of highways. Really, the big thing I hate about these shitty fuckbeasts is that they look derivative and stupid.

Oh, and the architects behind that Potemkin squatling also wanted to build this. I would call it a victory, but that implies that any of this nonsense is even worth saving.

(S) Malton, ON. The Whole Fucking Thing

The first result for this place on a Google image search is this picture:

In case you don’t believe me

According to this map, Malton (postal code L4T, for anyone using the map I’m about to link to) is making less than the provincial average in terms of income. And with such productive land uses as this, who could possibly expect otherwise? This is a classic example of a community that was simply left to its own devices. Which in 2008 included murder. But seriously, this wasteland of untenable urban form is right by Pearson International Airport and is practically lassoed by highways. For those children unfortunate enough to grow up in this soulless wasteland there is a one-in-five chance that theirs is a life of poverty. Yikes.

And while we’re in the “neighborhood” (a term that ought only be used loosely in this context), let’s talk about the GTA’s single worst “urbanity” – the decrepit, car-dependent shithole that is Brampton.

(S) Brampton, Ontario.


You know how I recently bought the domain name for this website? I did it because I’m pretty passionate about exposing Shit About Canada. But that’s a whole country – here’s a guy who bought a domain just to shit on Brampton. My hat goes off to you, author of Brampton Sucks. Brampton sucks on an almost-unthinkable scale. Look at the sprawl I linked to you up there, and then take a gander at Brampton’s automobile insurance rates, which are the highest in the province. Brampton is also largely non-white, though for a majority non-white city there is only one non-white city councillor (though the author of the cited piece here laughably suggests that walking places is a possibility in Brampton). The whole place is less-educated than the rest of the Peel Region and rocks a 9.5% unemployment rate.

You know what happens when a racial underclass is consigned to live in one place with failing prospects, poor transit connectivity, massive costs associated with living, a government that does not meaningfully represent them, and a pile of non-stop temp work in a city where decent jobs are quickly becoming an endangered species? The word that comes to mind first is ghetto – not a good label for a place of 500,000 people. Is Toronto simply hiding its poor in and among its prior tries at atrociously-failed suburban experimentation? I think we know the answer to that.


10 thoughts on “#196 – The Greyer Toronto Area”

  1. The “New York towers” are an interesting mistake. The land they all sit on currently houses anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 people, yet in the 80s before the neighbourhood was redeveloped, the street had about 20 houses on it. So, within 10-20 years, the area went from having about 100-150 people coming and going to having thousands. And they all still funnel out the same little street onto Sheppard Ave. I’ve always wondered what great mind planned this. And how they got away with it!


    1. It often like that, the hole shit come from the of eternal growth. Stack more people within tiny space in order to have as much consumer as possible. The concept of vital space is alien to them.
      The immediate result is unaffordable housings, traffic jam, high criminality(1) and higher mental distress. The not so visible result are heavy environmental damages, rapid infrastructure decay by over using them, lower social cohesion. But it canada, keeping an eye on a bigger view even if it a local one is forbidden. So imagine when it time to watch at an international level with immigration is an heresy. Especially if you speak of the shitty attitude of canadian business class that create chaos around the world.

      1. Criminality raise exponentially with the number of human in a determined territory.


  2. The best part of the GTA is the area surrounding Vaughan Mills in Vaughan. In addition to living near a structure that shoves the worst aspects of off-price retailing and big box stores into the uninspiring architectural form of a gigantic shopping mall surrounded by acres and acres of parking, you get to live in massive low-density subdivisions that were planned without even treating transportation infrastructure as an afterthought. All those in favour of taking a half hour to move one block because traffic is so bad, say, “Aye.”


  3. Maybe I haven’t spent enough time reading through your garbage website but where is the section talking about the true armpit/asshole of Canada that is Quebec? French Canadians are the worst people in the Country… nay… the world.


    1. “French Canadians are the worst people in the country”, says a person from Toronto’s worthless sprawl. The French are more storied, cultured, and speak more languages than cakers. Which is why English Canada slings mud rather than opting to try and do better for itself.

      Your comment is worthless but I’m keeping it as an example of the knuckle dragging logic that makes the GTA the worthless shithole that we know and hate.


  4. Look like I’m the worst according to the troll (freelance machin chose) …

    Not! This idiots wrote so much hate with a few word.
    First, you begin with a generalisation in your quote, which is as one way ticket for the “idiot” drawer. Second you didn’t even try to put an argument. You are more like a stupid school brat who bully the other kids in the school yard. Anyway how old are you? Six?

    Anyway, thank to you freelance machin chose I remember why I’m a 100% for Quebec Independence

    An other thing… You whose existence is so miserable that you must look down on other people to feel a bit better, try to answer me in french without using google translation tool.

    Sorry pineapplestations, I could not resist kicking the butt of hateful idiots like him.


    1. Go right ahead, friend!

      That said, this commenter does have a very English-Canadian method of “problem-solving” – instead of acknowledging local problems, smear someone else!


      1. I totaly agree. Every society got problem but what is making the difference is how you approche them. Unfortunately idiots like him do not understand that using an other culture as scapegoat is the first sign of an fascist mentality.


  5. Don’t forget Vancouver. I hope a meteorite wipes out that smug shithole too. Fuck Canada, all propaganda and no substance. I have traveled the world and Americans are a thousand times friendlier.


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