Canada One-Shitty: Blog Announcements

Hey all! Canada has blighted the world for 150 years, and boy if we aren’t going to celebrate here on Shit About Canada!

I’ve got some ideas for how to approach the next few posts. Looking into the disconnect between the mythologized entry of British Columbia into the union was a small part of the intended argument in post #195. It kind of disrupted the flow of the arc I was working with, if I’m being honest, but the guy was too weird to not frame the post on. And his fuckery stuck with me, which is why 196 isn’t out yet.

As a side note, I’m up to post 34 as regards the enormous editing/citation project that I’ve been working on with old posts. Go check those out too – I’m pretty happy with the changes I’ve made, especially since those changes are largely centered around providing better and more nuanced information. My earliest postings were written largely by anger, which I think was a mistake, and I’ve since overhauled several of them to reflect on specific instances of failure in Canada rather than my own frustration with the place.

I started doing some homework on the rest of the misunderstood, often forgotten Fathers of Confederation (so-called because Canada needs a daddy-polity because America has one, I guess). Lemme just say that these people are absolutely bonkers. And then it dawned on me that a congress of chimpanzees like the lunatic lot of morons conspiring Canada into existence could only really create unspeakable horror. Maybe attacking province by province isn’t as effective as telling the story of the festering foundation of Canada. It seems more fitting for 150, but interrupting an existing train of thought seems wrong.

So I turn it to you, audience. Here’s the current path to 200:

  • 196 – the GTA is an abomination that should be launched into the sun
  • 197 – Southwestern Ontario has suffered from decades of neglect
  • 198 – Quebec has no business being a part of Canada
  • 199 – Failure – the ties that bind the provinces
  • 200 – Canada 150 is an inherently dishonest concept that cannot exist, because the real Canada is only understandable as a collective of mismanaged parts infected with an ersatz identity and stripped of their own (if they ever had one)

And the possible redirection:

  • 196 – Nova Scotia and New Brunswick also had second thoughts about Canada (talking about representatives from those two hellholes)
  • 197  – There was no popular movement for Canada to exist as a country, and that’s fucked up (talking about Ontario’s weirder representatives)
  • 198 – The Quebecois (and other Francophones) and the Indigenous are the only people with a legitimate national identity, and both had their national expression quashed (discussing how Quebecois and Indigenous with alternative voices have been crushed)
  • 199 – Could we really expect a bunch of worthless old-timey cakers to treat either of Canada’s major cultured groups with decency? (spoilers – no)
  • 200 – Canada 150 is an inherently dishonest concept that cannot exist, because the real Canada is only understandable as a collective of mismanaged parts infected with an ersatz identity and stripped of their own (if they ever had one)

I’m working on drafts of both versions of 196 – if I do drop the provincial thread I fully intend to pick it back up – but I’m on the fence about which route I should take here. Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Canada One-Shitty: Blog Announcements”

  1. Both paths are interesting but I’m especially interested in the current province arc, it has been quite illuminating for me. Your originally planned posts for 196-200 didn’t include Newfoundland, will you be covering it? What about the territories? I’m still catching up on the older blogs so you may have done all of that already.

    Regardless of your decision, I appreciate your hard work and I enjoy your blog.


    1. Hi Mark! Thank you for the input.

      I’ve covered Newfoundland before (it was actually the reason I went into the rest of the provinces) – it’s post #175, entitled “Sinking Like a Rock”. I’ve also got bits and bobs of the North around – there’s a post on Abe Okpik and the disc number system, the atrocious state of healthcare in the North, and I think I’ve covered the housing crisis up North. That said I should do each one individually – I might just do that and finish the arc at post 202.

      Thanks again for the feedback, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!


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