#160 – Putting the FU in Fundraising


Oh, a fundraiser from the Minister of Justice! #RealChange and his useless provincial cronies have gotten themselves into hot water over their fundraising efforts. This one is a neat story because the Liberals made what can only be called the weakest excuse of all time for themselves. The story is this – Jody Wilson-Raybould charged $500/plate for lawyers to meet with her at a swanky Toronto law firm. This fairly obviously creates a perceived conflict of interest (which, from personal experience, is counted exactly the same way as an actual conflict of interest) – Liberal-friendly lawyers on Bay St. getting to meet the Justice Minister privately (i.e.: most of us aren’t throwing $500 as an entry fee) on Bay St doesn’t exactly smack of the kind of transparency the Liberals were promising.

Now, Jody and #RealChange had to stupid it up somehow, so they did it by claiming that Jody merely went as an MP and not a Minister. There’s a problem with that. Look up at the top again. See the wording on the invite? “Honourable” Jody Wilson-Raybould is the title used by the Minister. MPs aren’t “Honourable” (neither are Cabinet ministers for the most part, but that’s a side-joke and low-hanging fruit) – note who gets the title and who doesn’t on the role call. So yeah, MP Jody Wilson-Raybould wouldn’t be showing up wearing her “Honourable” tag. Y’know, because lying about that sort of thing and throwing an obvious dummy mistake is less-than-honorable by my books.

And then there’s the other lie. House Leader Dominic Leblanc, besides being a spectacular douchebag when pressed with legitimate questions also made a dishonest statement regarding the way that fundraising is reported. Let’s read what this limp-dicked loser threw down in Question Period:

The member knows full well all of those donations are disclosed, according to law, every quarter. The member can spend the whole evening searching the internet — good news it’s coming to a computer near him.

Except, here’s the thing – the website isn’t exactly clear on who spend what and what they got for it. Here’s the first page of the list of donors from last quarter who wasted more than $500 trying to buy favor from aristocratic asshats.

Thanks, Nancy, for your contribution towards making Canada even shittier.

I can’t exactly show you how useless the website I pulled this from is, but if you’d like to experience the joys of an almost-impressively shitty search system be my guest. And hey – who needs transparancy with a huge Canadian law firm?  Especially one with a history of helping the ultra-rich to the point where they get stucked with conflict-of-interest charges too! Oh, and it’s totally not suspicious that a lobbyist associated with Torys, John Tobin, gave up his lobbying connections to Justice Canada the day before the event. But as we all know Eastern English Canadians can do no wrong. That’s why #RealChange turned Canada into a utopia on 20 October 2015, right? Anything Conrad Black touches must not need any form of transparency whatsoever. Oh, and these guys worked with the Canadian government on Indigenous legal affairs, so I suspect Mrs. Wilson-Raybould may have been in some…unfortunate company. Just a hunch, mind, but the bullshit detector rails off the charts when it’s pointed towards Bay St., so there it is.

In fact, Gerald Butts’ first project, the Wynne government, got dinged by Democracy Watch for doing the same thing Jody is but on a scale more appropriate for the Wynnepire. Ontario Cabinet Ministers were expected to raise $500,000 a year for Evil Orville Redenbacher, mostly through face-time with ultra-rich people who can afford to pony up but not without a little electoral fuckery too. And to fix the problem, Wynne is going for the classic “pretend to change” method, another Liberal staple. BC went for a different approach, refusing to even make the pretense of reform that Toronto is despite being referred to as the “Wild West” of political money.

With Canadian regulation so weak the the loopholes are pages in listed length and Liberal governments completely addled by image, arrogance, self-aggrandizement, and the stupid belief that people ought to trust the Liberals it’s hard to see Canadian democracy being unbound from wealth anytime soon. The lameness of #RealChange’s excuse reflects a profound disinterest in being upfront despite his claims of “open and transparent government”. A budget full of holes and a Cabinet where a Minister’s ear can be had for costs that few can afford – thank God we replaced that evil Harperman with such a free, open, and honest government! No spin here, no sir.

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