#155 – Refu-Jesus Christ, Part Two: Brooking Resentment

So making sure that Garth Brooks and his concert plays out well is obviously a national objective that overwhelms the “national project” #RealChange instituted four long, painful months ago. So refugees settled in hotels for God knows how long are to be kicked out of Hamilton and sent away to St. Catharine’s, a soulless hellhole whose major features are the scenic 406 and the Wal-Mart. Which Wal-Mart is unimportant because cakers and their built environment have created a space in which nothing matters.

St. Catharine’s 406, a leading tourist attraction. Come for the shitty Soviet-looking bridge, stay because Garth Brooks needs you to!

But what’s really neat is the way that the Wesley Urban Ministries has declared that this isn’t a problem. On their website they say this:

Housing is a fundamental human right and one of the most essential elements in a household’s social, health and economic well-being. Housing that is unaffordable or of poor quality creates challenges that could have a negative impact on the wellness of individuals within the household.

But it’s totally fine to move people into a Days Inn because “many” of them have leases signed already! Hooray! It’s always a sign of trustworthiness when numbers can’t be provided. Especially on such a crucial step as finding housing. In fact I can’t find any modern numbers, but the ones from last month suggested that half of the imported refugees were semi-permanent guests of Wyndham Worldwide. And you know what? Half could be “many” to ask these people. At any rate these folks seem to think that a hotel room is a perfectly acceptable place to shunt people. Until Canada needs the space, at which point you can fuck off and go squat in another hut.

Wesley has one more piece of comedy. From a Days’ Inn in St. Catharines, some caker named Jeff Burch said, and I quote the article, “Who knows…[m]aybe the refugees will take a liking to the Niagara region and want to resettle there.” Yes, because the Days Inn is so awesome that no doubt Syrians will flood to the area! Learn about another worthless concrete hellscape, guys! One day you could be stuck in traffic in your own shitty rustbucket, just like the immigrant engineer-cum-cabbie who just dropped some drunken hockey squires at your hotel! Bet you can’t wait to clean milennial puke out of a metal box!

What more, Canadian hotels are inspiring. In a context where the federal government is paying huge corporate interests through the nose in exchange for ignoring its housing problem, there were “no serious problems” with the way that the intake was handled. In what universe is living in a hotel considered a successful transfer? Who needs a permanent address that could, oh, I don’t know, be used to communicate with friends and family abroad who may lack access to telephony or Internet. Not like being trapped in an anomic nowhere-land of concrete and people who speak a language you’re not fluent in would inspire a need to communicate with anyone else, no sir.

“Sick download speeds, man!”

So we see the folly of leaning on hotels and Canada’s insistence that doing so is okay because reasons. They seem to honestly think that dingy roadside motels are not only acceptable places for huge families to live but that they could inspire people to want to move somewhere. Obviously I have missed something because I’ve stayed in plenty of roadside motels in various places across Ontario and so far I couldn’t identify a single city by the motel I stayed in.

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