#153 – Our 9th Century Allies (#Becauseits2016)

In a recent example of #RealChange really changing things, our arms deal with Saudi Arabia is continuing apace because apparently we must protect Canada’s ability “to conduct business in the world“. Not our ability to conduct business! Obviously the grain markets are closely watching orders for heavy arms; if the Canadian government vetoes a sale of deadly weapons the world knows that Canada could step into the wheat market at any time. Because, you know, staple cereals and main battle tanks are in no way different from one another.

And why would a government that trumpets peacekeeping and a progressive turn possibly want to risk disruption to its arms market? Are there no other buyers for caker-clunkers than tyrants and despots? I’m pretty sure there’s a collective understanding that an arms deal between Canada and France has fewer moral hurdles to jump than a deal between Canada and the guys who posted want ads for executioners. Then again, caker business is mighty seedy and with an entire continent standing down for pesky “moral reasons” even the low-efficiency Canadian manufacturing sector can compete.

Besides, Saudi Arabia is essential to keep on the Yay Canada side because they export oil, a substance that we produce domestically and at any rate want to stop using because of those annoying greenhouse gases. What better partner to the new Canada could you ask for than a murderous mob-state where women can’t drive? Obviously these are ties we want to expand on – oh wait, we’re actually working on that.

To be frank the validity of the arms sales is secondary to the cowardly continuation of deals that clearly contravene the stated message of the Liberal regime. There’s something nifty in political theory called a doctrine: a foundational principle from which our thoughts on a matter radiate. Trudeau claims a doctrine of progressive and humane foreign relations and immediately undermines it by doing business and indeed expanding ties with people who represent the antithesis of the stated doctrine.

There’s a word for that, ninny – dishonesty. You used a coward’s answer, one that other countries avoided because they knew how compromising it is to proclaim liberal-progressive ideals while supporting mobsters, and you expect that to suffice. #RealChange indeed. Canada certainly has a history of international doublethink – Canada’s role in dismantling Apartheid South Africa is ironic in more ways than one – but to be this brazenly self-defeating despite ample, plain evidence that global markets can indeed distinguish between arms and not-arms is amazing.

And did Canadians buy it? Of course they did! Because JOBS is the most goodest at all of the time. Never mind that we could be working on producing equipment for countries that don’t display Filet of Dissident in public squares or perhaps working on internal development for a change. Canada is a force of peace and progress because feels; making weapons for despots is okay because JOBS. And all this is presented as #RealChange.

Only in Canada, folks.



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