#151 – Dear Ms. McKenna

Dear Catherine:

I am writing to you to express my extreme concern with the continuing intellectual dishonesty that your leader and your party has strewn about Canada’s political discourse. Is better (whatever that means) really possible in Canada, where 39% of reserves are at high risk of serious water contamination? Is the continuing gap in funding for indigenous education because it’s 2015 or an indicator of Real Change? I recognize that Justin likes to acknowledge Ottawa as a theft of Algonquin land; his interest in actually fixing our national shame, unsurprisingly, appears to be weaker than his interest in peddling Faire Canada.

Nowhere has your government been more dishonest with the application of Canadiana than with the plan to resettle Levantine refugees. Certainly, I have no objection to offering safe places for those affected by a seemingly ever-active plight. I do, however, object to the idea that this program is indicative of Canadian values and that it constitutes a “national project”. You and I both know the silent horrors that are Canada’s history. It’s remarkable for all the wrong reasons that your government is willing to spend billions on a project explicitly stated to be  window-dressing but unwilling or unable to spend the money on our own private Apartheid.

Instead of dishonestly “showing the world how compassionate Canada is” by letting Levantines have access to safe housing that the indigenous have been repeatedly denied, how about Canada stop being a shameless abuser of human rights at home? Why is your party more willing to declare a “national project” to play pretend as opposed to using such a concept to resolve food insecurity in the North or to do things actually relevant to those whose concept of “Canada” revolves around suffering and hunger? Canadian dishonesty in the form of using refugees as an ad campaign to lie about Canada’s human rights record is a caper on the level of a Bond villain, not a state with any moral authority.

I can say with no hyperbole that Canadian hypocrisy is repulsive, degenerate, unseemly, and indeed unbecoming of a country that claims a moral high ground. That your party’s first “national project” regards an area totally irrelevant to early Canadian history while genuine exponents of this so-called nation are left to suffer staggering poisoning in Chemical Valley, left to die two-a-week in Thunder Bay, swinging unregarded as sons and daughters hang from rotting rafters in pathetic hovels Ottawa couldn’t be bothered to update and make safe is a testament to the rot at the very core of Canadian nationhood.

That Justin Trudeau pays such grotesque lip service to the idea of the indigenous while leaving them to die in favor of propping up the mythology of Canada-the-Good is shameful, disgusting, dishonest, and a fatal mark on my opinion of your party and your leader. The Liberal Party of Canada appears as ever to fixate on the messaging rather than the problem. In a way, Catherine, that makes you a part of the problem.

When I travel abroad, I refer to myself as a Flemish-American to avoid being associated with Canada. I tell others of Canada’s sins. Your leader’s hypocrisy and dishonesty are as shameless as they are unsurprising and represent the mushy Laurentian make-believe-the-problem away tactics that I’ve come to expect from the Liberal Party of Canada. I did not and will not vote for you or your Party while you continue to use dishonesty and the ignorance of Canadians as tools of governance.

The Canada Justin pretends we live in and the Soviet abomination before us are two radically different creatures. I would like to register my awareness of this fact and to remind you and your party that “Canada hooray” is inadequate policy even for a country as historically predisposed to poor federal governance as Canada. You would do well to make policy for the real Canada because those of us watching Canada are as uninterested in Justin’s Faire Canada yarn as we were Stephen Harper’s Faire Canada yarn.

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