#139 – Canadian Storytime, Part Six: Chemical Valley

When you think about chemicals causing damage to children, what sort of places are you thinking about? Chernobyl, perhaps? Or those tragic pictures of Central Asian children playing in and among industrial waste? Well, here’s a new one – this is the story of Aamjiwnaang, Ontario, the front-line sufferers from nearby Sarnia’s Chemical Valley who have to crowdfund their water and soil testing because the Ontario government can’t be arsed to consider that maybe something is wrong with a group of people having one of the highest gender imbalances on Earth. 40% of the women there report miscarriages and stillbirths, a staggering figure. The massive, 100-block sized petrochemical facility provides something on the order of 40% of Canada’s finalized petrol products and produces more air pollution than Manitoba and Saskatchewan. And nestled in the middle of the asscrack of consumer society is…surprise! Indians!

Oh, and don’t you worry – there has never been a federal or provincial evaluation of the matter even though the 2:1 ratio of baby girls to baby boys is most commonly seen in badly-toxified animal populations and has no human equivalent. Yes, folks – Canada out-Soviet’d the Soviet Union with hideous pollution. And then they used the Indian Act’s fell pressures to make people live in the middle of the source and experience exciting events like that time a Shell plant farted out some hydrogen sulfide, which wound up at the reserve day-care. Shockingly, exposing young children to what was once a chemical weapon resulted in horrible pain and illness that was misdiagnosed and thus mistreated because Shell refused to acknowledge that the weird eggy smell was them.

Let’s get something straight here. Gassing people you claim as your own citizens is generally frowned upon. Can you really call the Chippewa and others here citizens when they live under a constant state of siege which in turn comes from the very government claiming them as citizens? That question is more than another example of Canada’s bad faith; if some tribe in Awfuckistan got on Al-Jazeera or whatever and said that the state is encouraging de facto gas attacks on our people I would suspect plenty of rage. This is the stuff cakers go insane about when America (sorry, AmeriKKKa) literally destroys a Palestine or whatever it is the nu-left is claiming. And it’s happening here. And the fucking cakers can’t be arsed to provide actual testing to the point where the population has to beg for money online.

Chemical Valley was placed where it was because the city of Sarnia would have been gassed out of existence otherwise – think My Little Bhopal. Heaven forbid the settlers be in any danger! Well, except for the dangers that come with living in the most polluted city in Canada, but suburbs for settlers grow wherever Canada commands they sprout. Obviously, this place is worth putting on the currency (it once befouled the $10 bill) and then totally ignoring save for the “well then don’t use oil LOL” comments that invariably come from these sorts of commentaries. Oh, and the Indians do have work here – they’re the ones who tell the government that there’s a leak, not the businesses who actually run the plants. Apparently, demanding businesses not recreate World War One over the Great Lakes is too much to ask of Canada’s brilliant business classes.

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