#138 – Channel Surfing, Special Edition: nu-leftism, the CBC, and the Ersatz Nation

If there is a single body I hate more than English Canadians, it’s the nu-left. Usurpers, heretics, idiots, clods – the commercialized, professionalized camel-splooge that constitutes modern political action on the left. The Left proper offers an incredible collection of deep, thoughtful contemplations of the relationships between people in every possible subdivision and structures that dominate our daily lives. It is the job of political life to my mind to collect and compile the genius around and apply it to current conditions. One of my favorite lines from any book ever comes from Fahrenheit 451. In the scene, Faber (the elder-teacher figure to main character Montag; also the name of a pencil-maker, now called Faber-Castell) “Man, when I was young I shoved my ignorance in people’s faces. They beat me with sticks. By the time I was forty my blunt instrument had been honed to a fine cutting point for me”. This, alongside Zizek’s “don’t act; just think”, form a core of the mental environment that I live in to critique and expose.

The nu-left took these adages and shat on them. A banner reading “don’t think; just act” should be hung up in every student union office and meeting hall in North America. Rather than accepting the numerous humiliating defeats that comes with this sort of contestation and gleaning new empirical knowledge, reading more about the topic – the sort of stuff an academic Rocky film would put to “the Eye of the Tiger” in a montage – the nu-left chooses to clot about itself in an intellectual human centipede by bleating “oppression” and “patriarchy” without understanding what shades or forms of the concept they mean to employ. They hide in insulated Internet communities and rely on mass media and market power to make their point. By boycotting “offensive” material and denying the “right to forget” on the one hand and providing unlimited free marketing and hype through shitty social media on the other, the nu-left traded thought and contemplation for the ability to wield a monetary cattle prod.

This is to me unforgivable, blasphemous, sloppy, and dangerous. The purpose of meetings and social gatherings and intellectual discourse is to share observations and to spar. Sometimes I take contrary opinions up just to practice my trade and hone my skills; even if you don’t, the purpose of these conversations is to share knowledge and form new theories and models, not to raise money for yet another #endsomethingorother campaign and a pile of glossy posters slapped onto power lines. This is a subversive lumpenproletariat, not a genuine expression of forward-thinking. It fits nicely with the New Right in the United States in that both are fully monetized weapons employing a totemic and unquestioned market as the means to bring vague, unspecified “change”. Empirical research is unwelcome to the nu-left because feels are more important and empirical data is hard to come by. Bastardizing the process of knowledge transfer itself for the sake of sales figures and e-mail signups and “sticking it to” the other guy – this is my version of the money-changers in the temple.

How does this link to the CBC? Well, the CBC is riddled with nu-leftism. It’s actually one of the major reasons I hate nu-leftism; I figured out just how dangerous the thing can be when I saw the CBC picking it up. The CBC has plenty of incentive to adopt nu-leftism for two repulsive reasons: one, it’s a good way to hide the Apartheid state of affairs while pretending to care about race relations; two, it fits the company’s history of culture-saving bullshit. The former is done through a make-believe environment of openness towards immigrants (thus making Canada “multicultural”), and the latter through bad reporting. Both are arms of the nu-left’s way of doing business.

First, the race thing. The CBC’s report on equality (remember when I mentioned that?) holds this up as a testament to its greatness:

The representation rate for women in CBC/Radio-Canada’s permanent workforce has increased by 5% over the past decade (46.9% from 42.1%). There were 105 (1.4%) Aboriginal Peoples; 111 (1.5%) persons with disabilities; and 552 (7.6%) members of visible minorities occupying permanent positions in 2013. This is the first time that the number of visible minorities has surpassed the 550 mark. (are you brutal enough to read this tripe?)

But notes an essential limitation:

 With the help of our cultural census, we are expecting to achieve a higher response rate for employment equity. However, work remains to be done as self-identification information in our HR database still proves challenging to use: at the end of 2013, approximately 23% of our workforce had not completed the cultural census. (fuck off, it’s the same source as above)

And here our troubles begin. You see those numbers there? They aren’t the same across Canada or even across neighborhoods. Where I grew up I’d expect the reverse for visible minorities and Indians. I would use the census to find out but the most recent one is less than useless, so. At any rate, rural Canada is still predominantly white and Indian, and it doesn’t care what the Malaysian community thinks because to them Malaysia is a type of noodle dish. Being told that it’s normal to see a bunch of Somalis along the road is a falsehood to much of English Canada because the Somalis aren’t walking along the road in tiny shit-towns. Now, I don’t blame the Somalis or anyone else for not living in suburban sidewalk abortions – I suspect if I knew the full extent of how bad my options were between Somalia or small-town Ontario the one I’d pick is a bullet to the braincage. That and not speaking fluid English, which is required in anti-intellectual rural Canada because fuck getting better at anything.

So ramming immigrants into CBC viewers’ faceholes doesn’t help to do much because most people possess the amazing ability to look out their window and see that the thing on television isn’t true. But even when it doesn’t wholly work at culture-creation it does create an illusion of multi-culturalism which in turn provides perfect cover for long-festering racism against Indians. The logic goes thus: we spend so much on taking care of Somalis and Burmese and other migrants, so we obviously fund the Indians! Sadly, this is patently untrue. Pedestalizing brown skin and pretending that all of Canada is some sort of olive-toned wonderland allows everyone to comfortably ignore the Indian problem. We treat Chinese too well – therefore we treat Injins too well too! Thus we hear endlessly about whether we’re racists or what Canada did this week to fight racism while the instruments of Apartheid are put down and picked up every day in office buildings across this festering stink-pit.

In turn, the CBC pumps multi-kulti and nu-left crap because it came from – you guessed it – a fear that Canadians were accessing American radio content. The CBC was born specifically to be Canadian; it comes from a cultural project, like it or not. This has infected the CBC ever since, from Hockey Night in Canada producing caker hockey culture by glorifying contractors giving each other concussions for huge sums of money to meaningless TV dramas about small-town cakerdom (of course, with wildly inaccurate presentions of small-towns). The stuff is unappealing because it’s fake, but the falsehood is essential to maintaining the doublethink that keeps English Canadians thinking that they live in a real country so it continues.

This is the CBC’s treadmill for life. Because it can’t report honestly for fear of unravelling its useless Canadiana project, it is destined to be managed like a shitty Canadian business and to put out shitty Canadian programming. What started as a good idea simply got Canada’d – and the ironic thing is that it’s backfiring. By demonstrating falsehood the CBC does nothing but foster more suspicion and disdain. Small towns are idiotic, but if there’s one thing small towns know it’s their own town’s history. Seeing the national broadcast displaying what to that population is immediately apparent as fakery and lies about the condition the town itself conjures images of conspiracies and federal interference in their lives, meaning that dark assumptions are born and discussed through local channels. Thus they solidify, becoming ever-more insular and cliquish. forming another body upon which meaningless nu-left activism can feed off of.

The circle of Canadian life, ladies and gentlemen. Honesty? Inquiry? Fuck that! Dual make-believe! Urban centers can buy the nonsense about small towns being tolerant and polite, and small towns can entrench in their bad habits and reactionary sentiments for fear that the untrue presentation of themselves on the national broadcaster constitutes an agenda from those urban centers to change them. Meanwhile, the country fails and sparks and slowly creeps towards collapse while the CBC fiddles about with Tahitian sock-puppet presenters in an attempt to exchange needed conversations about Canada for idiotic flavor-of-the-week non-troversy.

Fuck, I hate it here.

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