#134 – Channel Surfing, Special Edition: the Lame and O’Really Show

Amanda Lang and the story of how she still has a job is fascinating to me. She served as the foil to boorish Trump wannabe Kevin O’Leary – and when your job is “make the bonobo in the Trump costume seem clever” you’ve got problems. Leaving O’Really aside, we’re going to instead focus on the connections and culture of non-disclosure that broadsided her and thus the H.M.C.S. CBC, which is increasingly mired in scandal and honestly is starting to look a bit like a college production.

Also, yes – I know people want my comments on CBC bias. I want to change that terminology slightly, but I agree. The CBC is in the business of creating Canada through telling it what it ought to be. I mean, think about it – the CBC was born in part out of Canadian paranoia that AMERIKKKA and her deadly foreign broadcasts are coming to increase all of the portion sizes and make everyone interested in MLB instead of the NHL. Ever wonder why the CBC clamors to hire the brownest news anchors it can but how they all speak fluid, native English when radio stations that provide essential non-English language services for Inuit elders get zombified as advertising space for want of federal funds? It’s make-believe, folks! And we’re getting there.

When I go looking for muck in Canada, I start from the same place – families. We’ve discussed how family politics is endemic to and a toxic result of Canada’s extreme disorganization and bureaucratic confusion. And behind Amanda is…pappy Otto Lang whose infamous elimination of the Crow Rate subsidy brought tons of wealth to the TSX and the shareholders of the Canada-Pacific Railway at the expense of continuing the process of Western alienation.

The next place to look when I find family paydirt with connections to Canadian business is for links between that specific person and Canadian business interests. I found political interests, such as when she didn’t disclose that her brother was running against Jack Layton in a segment about whether Jack Layton was credible as a Party Leader. Yes, her brother was a Liberal. And then I found out that she was dating someone on the Board of Directors at the Royal Bank of Canada at the same time as she was sabotaging a story about abuses of the temporary foreign worker program by said. And then she got dinged for providing positive coverage of two insurance firms (Manulife and Sun Life – like there’s a difference) while taking paid gigs from them. Disclosing any of this would just have taken too much time out of her hard-hitting business journalism so she didn’t.

The whole family is a political powerhouse with journalists, justices, and business executives among the Otto children. And that obviously has nothing to do with the extent to which the CBC’s insular senior management is defending and protecting her. Their internal report was made public only after heavy redactions, including the entire section about conflict of interest. Obviously the sign of a body that values journalistic integrity!

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