#129 – Canada’s Veiled Problem: Behind the Linguistic Curtain

Quebec is so evil that it wants to ban religious iconography in the public sector which means that they are meanie poopieheads who hate Canada!

Of course, Quebec is the only province in Canada with a pulse. Seeing problems with both receiving government services while veiled and providing said while veiled, Quebec has moved twice now to fix this problem and both times has had to eat English Canadian accusations of racism and “Islamophobia” (which, frankly, doesn’t sound unwise in a global context). Who knew that it would be tough to identify people if their faces are covered? I suppose if ever there was a logic to having your knuckles tattooed with your name on them, this would be it. Shockingly enough, the federal government is all for this reform.

Which is of course why Trudeau must stand in the way and pout about how his feelings about other peoples’ feelings were hurt because his feelings are so feelsy that they feel other feels before the other person can even feel the feels Trudeau feels for them. Useless phrases like “anti-women” and “#notallmuslims” or whatever nonsense nu-left ploy has been deployed from our worthless English university diversity leagues. Fear not, non-white master race! Professional student activists are here to “save” people who neither asked for nor needed saving from nebulous “oppression”, meaning whatever make-believe our professional student activists decided on last meeting. Rather than endlessly bandying about a worthless nugget of feels-laden crap, Quebec wants to answer the question. Your veil is fine but the polis has the right to demand that you take it off.

But the fed has an extra layer of 4Chan autistry to add. See, the reason Tim “I was totally born with the name Tim” Uppal supports the Quebecois tactic of crushing an irrelevant non-debate by thinking about it and coming up with a solution based on the principles of governance that they wish to espouse is because…are you ready for it…? He’s afraid that immigrants can’t show their loyalty to Canada during immigration ceremonies. Not because there’s an overarching concept of relations between state and person that Canada wishes to follow, not because the unhelpful “debate” about niqabs and ikons and whether or not Jews can practice near gyms is distracting from fixing the Apartheid system that still exists here – no. It’s to make sure that immigrants really mean it when they say that they love Canada.

There’s a brilliant metaphor for the reasonings behind both cakers and Quebecois here. The latter are, as I said, working from a playbook of ideas as to how they want Quebec to work and to get a non-issue out of the way by helping to define relationships. English Canada is working on the question so it can decide whether immigrants really super love Canada or just regular love Canada and from there presumably figure out whether the veil is allowed here, there, or a thousand other unimportant places. While the Quebecois try to actually make their home a better place, Canada is simply playing at window dressing. And it can’t even do that without political children coming to cry and whinge about their newest hashtag campaign.

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