#125 – Getting Schooled, Part Eight: The Truth

Yesterday, Canada had a watershed moment as it was forced to talk about the genocidal operation of residential schools and the horrors they inflicted upon children. We’ve gone from murdering puppies to abusing children, folks. Naturally, Canada sat at rapt attenti-HAHAHA! Sorry – I tried. No, Canada visited the report with snores and racism, including our very own version of Holocaust denial (warning: link may cause permanent brain damage). Let’s take a look at Canada’s reaction to its equivalent to the Holocaust.

Oh, and yes. I am equating this event to the Holocaust. Canada was organized and the state designed to invoke a Final Solution here. The fact that Canada produced an inferior genocide machinery to Nazi Germany is immaterial to the fact that Canada produced, maintained, and enacted a Final Solution. Fuck you, National Post article.

Stephen Harper:

Reacted by saying that he wouldn’t be bringing Canada up to the UN’s standard, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

Refused to acknowledge the Commission’s finding that the schools were an active part of a genocide.

Will not commit to following any of the TRC’s 94 provisions.

The Canadian Government:

Provided constant legal challenges to the TRC collecting documents, wasting years and millions of dollars on legal fees for information that had to get out anyways.

Sent the Minister of Indian Affairs, who couldn’t even be bothered to stand for the Commission when they were about to deliver their final report.

Set aside $1m to protect the documentation of the TRC and another $1m for education regarding the residential schools, an amount five times less than the amount provided to earthquake-ridden Nepal and 210 times less than the amount Canada set aside for its 150th birthday.

Justin Trudeau:

Promised to outline all 94 recommendations of the TRC, including the ones that aren’t federal responsibilities. How he intends to circumvent the federal/provincial divide is unknown. Political football? Justin? No way!!

Thomas Mulcair:

Said little, called for passing of law to mirror the Declaration on on the Rights of Indigenous People.

This is, of course, the day after Canada came to the official conclusion that it committed genocide by targetting children. A little muted, no? Just like what happened in 2008, when Stephen Harper pulled his apology stageplay and then proceeded to continue the Canadian government’s policy of repression, Canada will pretend to notice and then hope to forget. I’m still reading the TRC but the reaction to it certainly was an all-Canadian one – rather than acknowledging the massive Constitutional holes regarding Indian rights, the frankly insane legal position that Indian sovereignty died in 1873 (which is, of course, why Latvia and Poland no longer exist, as international norms clearly dictate “neener-neener, we took it so it’s ours forever now”) and the fact that the country is a treaty sandwich (Quebec and BC are outside the Numbered Treaties), let’s instead defend ourselves and do exactly what Murray Sinclair said wouldn’t work – idly talking about the problem.

Fucking Canada. You got a rare second chance and you totally blew it.

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