#122 – What in the World is: the Highway of Tears?

Uh, oh. Canada has something called a Highway of Tears? And it’s in B.C.? Seriously, guys – this province fucking presents itself for slapdowns. I can’t make this shit up, folks.

Oh, you know it! About 450 miles of roadway between St. George and St. Rupert have the dubious title of the Highway of Tears. How did it score that name, you ask? Oh, that’s only because of some 18-~45 unsolved cases of women hitchhiking and then fucking vanishing. Said women are, of course, First Nations. Since 1969, a steady stream of murders and disappearances went unconsidered by the RCMP and the cases went unsolved.

But wait! Canada has a reason! Those pesky Injins shouldn’t be hitchhiking! We got it! All their faults, fuck you critic guy!

And then Canada forgets that I, unlike it, actually do my homework. So, let’s look for options to get between the two places, shall we? I’m going to assume that these women were hitchhiking because they don’t have a car, so we’re knocking that one right out. We’re also going to be working with the average income for on-reserve First Nations – “a little bit more than $14k/year“. With that number in mind, let’s look at the options for these women to get between the two places without a car. I’m going to assume that someone is giving them a ride to one city or the other, because that adds too many variables to count. Just keep that in mind as we go forward here.


Now, it’s important to note that VIA can’t help you with same-day service. That train doesn’t run every day. Oh, and it also only takes 12 hours. To get 450 miles. That is an astonishing average pace of 37.5mph. Given that Highway 16 has a speed limit of 60mph, our first option has us paying $145 to go 66% of the speed we could go if we had money and a car. Oh, and we could fucking leave when we want to.

Air Canada:


$480 is tough to magic into existence for the 40% of Canadian families considered to be asset-poor. Try doing that on a reserve.


For the low, low cost of $125! If you book online…but given that poor Internet access is endemic to reserves, our hypothetical friend here is likely be paying $280. But at least it leaves that day, which is something that VIA doesn’t.

That’s right – safety can be yours for the low-low price of $145! If you want to go slowly and only on specific days. Or if you’re one of the few people on a reserve with Internet access, you can pay $125 instead! If you don’t own a car, you can go fuck yourself and risk the very real possibility of dying or disappearing without a trace and with no hope for justice. Small wonder there’s a Highway of Tears with those options available. And remember that I’m making a lot of easy assumptions here.

The RCMP, meanwhile, don’t even have a count of how many have died. Good job, you commericalized bastards.

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