#113 – The Myth of the Military, Part Six: The Mogadishuwhoops

Canada sent an inappropriate contingent of peacekeepers known for housing white supremacists to Somalia who in turn used food and water as a trap to murder Somali teenagers! And then cancelled the inquiry early! And then refused to speak of it again! Hooray for peacekeeping! Hooray for Canada! Hoo-rah!

The day was 4 March, 1992. It was a day that could almost have been unremarkable, save for the New Democrat John Brewin reading an anonymous letter regarding the execution of a Somali citizen in Parliament. Previously, the scroungers and others around the Canadian base were simply told to fuck off and get on their way, but that wasn’t what cartoonishly degenerate, meatheaded Avatar villain Michel Rainville wanted to do. Rainville clearly deserved the rank of captain because he issued a contest to “his boys” offering a free 24-case of beer for the first Somali killed by a Canadian. Of course, he was talking to, among other units, the relatively-newly-created Canadian Airbourne Regiment, a collective of racists, skinheads, and other mental midgets, so out of that bunch of failures of birth control Rainville may have simply bubbled to the top like a fart in pudding. So raised, Rainville labelled the crime of petty theft (which is what the Somalis were doing, because shockingly their Canadian Tire equivalent was closed that day and the next and the next) as sabotage, allowing troops to use lethal force.

So they did. Rainville heard the reasonable idea that the base have spotlights and searchlights installed to deter theft and what few brain cells he had devoted to listening to suggestions immediately convulsed at the thought of a reasonable and intelligent answer to this problem. Instead, he set a trap – food and water – and ordered a guy with a rifle to wait for someone to take the bait. Tragically, two kids – Ahmed Arush and Abdi Hunde Bei Sabrie – took the bait. The former was shot in the back after Rainville told his meatheads to “get them”. Arush’s corpse was found missing its right eye, with its intestines spilled out, and with his skull warped from the gunblast to the head that killed him. The coroner found evidence that Arush had lain prone for several minutes suffering before his slaughter.

The degenerates who did this got, at most, five years in prison. The inquiry was closed early because, after four years of examination, “it was time to move on”. Rainville was acquitted, only to later be found stealing pyrotechnics from the Forces and convicted of that. Oh, and for sodomizing and torturing his own regiment. But not for torturing and murdering teenagers. And Canada forgot that its beloved peacekeepers tortured and murdered two boys trying to get food and water based on the spurious evidence that petty thieves trying to claim scraps of metal were somehow sabatoging the unit. The Canadian Airbourne Regiment was closed in disgrace and the fact that the Princess Patricia unit was also there was ignored and brushed aside.

Where is your peacekeeper status now, Canada? Where is your shame, Canada? Oh, right – Canada doesn’t have any of that [NSFW]. Look upon your peacekeeping, Canada. Look upon what you pride yourself on [NSFW]. Drink deeply of your everlasting shame, degenerate nation of failures and thieves. Is this what you meant by multi-kulti and tolerance, Canada?

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