#98 – Sports and Weather, Part Six: Coming Out (into Stupid)

English Canadians love the LGBT community.

And, honestly, good on them for it. The LGBT community deserves the right to lead a healthful, productive, and enjoyable life as much as the next community of people. Human sexuality really isn’t something I research or think about, so I leave that to the population that is interested in such research and focus on my own thing. Insofar as I see no moral issue with the LGBT community getting married, having children, and sticking whatever tab A into whatever slot B makes them feel good, I’m an “ally”. But I also wouldn’t call myself that because banging a drum and singing “I am amazing look at how tolerant I am” is the act of someone with something to hide.

And what red-and-white sign-waver walks down this path but fair English Canada, here to desperately and constantly inform you of how tolerant it is towards the LGBT community. “We tolerate you so long as you serve our national goal of feigning moral superiority” isn’t tolerance. It is actually a rather uncomfortable relationship – in exchange for the right to trumpet how great Canada is for gender and sexual minorities, said population gets to exist with the kind of protection against inhumanity that should be extended to all automatically. This relationship completely undermines the sentiment that Canadians are just “nice”. It’s akin to a beta male talking about how he’s a “nice guy” – the fact that you have to say it in the first place is a sign that something’s wrong.

And what’s wrong, you ask? Well, two things – one, it’s a kind of blanket pass that ignores populations of LGBT people who really suffer from the backhand that is intersectionality. How does being in Canada make gay Ahmed’s ultra-reactionary father any more tolerant than he would be in Saudi Arabia? Did Papa’s 30 years of steeping in a homophobic culture vanish immediately after Canada’s magic chant – “we are tolerant”? Of course, you can’t suggest that gay Ahmed’s father needs to change or even acknowledge that LGBT rights are not a thing in the MIddle East without getting your Double Racist Membership Card for Life. Indeed, you would be Intolerant for that, making you a meanie poopiehead. Forget Ahmed – he’s in Canada, he’ll be fine! Tol-er-ant! Ca-na-da! Tol-er-ant!

The second problem with this pedestalizing of LGBT rights is that it creates resentment towards programs that the LGBT community actually needs on the guise of “well, they have it so good here”. Gender and sexual minorities, particularly youth, are over-represented in homeless shelters and in lines for soup kitchens. They are maligned in shelters and by older homeless people, as well as by violent degenerate suburbanites and immigrants. Amazingly, people are more than their sexuality, a fact that gets lost when you laminate a part of peoples’ souls for the sake of displaying them in the Ministry of Tolerance’s “Things to Fap To” exhibit.

Of course, Canada is all for show anyways, so…

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