#62 – AMERIKKKA, Part Six: Pro-Choice, Anti-Access

English Canadians believe that American women live in a world not unlike Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

On and on, English Canadians prattle about how much more forward-thinking they are than Americans. DUM MURIKKKANS are still debating the merits of abortions? Hah! How droll! In Canada, abortions have been unregulated since the R v. Morgentaler ruling of 1988 – a whole fifteen years after Roe v. Wade in the United States. After Pierre Trudeau’s 1969 revisions to the law allowed abortions only if a collection of physicians signed off on it and the Supreme Court’s decision that said law was idiotic and unconstitutional in the context of criminal law, Canada has valiantly left the topic to sit with the provinces gradually being forced into line during the mid-2000s.

And you know what? That’s great! On-demand abortions are a societal positive – so long as the woman can actually reach the clini-oh. Oh shit. You see where this is going already.  Prince Edward Island will simply not perform abortions; New Brunswick was without access to a clinic for months in 2014. Nunavut is likewise in the no-abortion zone. Restrictions to abortions in Canada have been in place for decades, including hospitals refusing to perform abortions on out-of-province patients (a problem when the nearest hospital is in another province) and the PEI system, which remains supported by the electorate, speaks to the “forward-thinking” nature of Canada. Remember that English Canadians on the whole believe that abortion law in Canada is perfect and amazing and there are no barriers to abortions. Except having to pay your way to the hospital (if you even can), but that’s only going to happen to poor people and Indians, and fuck those guys.

Even in the Daigle case, an important ruling by the Supreme Court which grants final and exclusive authority over abortions to the woman receiving it, the woman in question had to go to the United States for an abortion. The state-funded Catholic school system in Ontario indoctrinates students with lies about breast cancer and heartbeats and other such maudlin crap. Is that *gasp* using public funds to protest against reproductive rights in such a way that the political organizations of the province largely agree upon continuing?

Yes, Canada. Making a law saying “go ahead!” means that everything is good and there are no concerns about reproductive health in Canada. Unlike in AMERIKKKA, where poor New Yorkers had access to abortions-on-request since before Roe v. Wade and the population of Canada (in California) is likewise enjoying the fruits of modernity after that ruling. Wait, what? I mean – Texans and crazy religious nuts say no and that’s literally all of AMERIKKKA, so therefore all MURIKKKANS are dumb misogynistic pricks.

Not like Canada. Nothing misogynistic about ignoring the deaths of 1200 women, no sir.


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