#49 – Getting Schooled, Part Three: Industrial Edumacationatin’

English Canadians don’t have a problem with training way more graduates than it needs.

The devaluation of the undergraduate degree in Canada comes in large part from the fact that anyone and their Sega Genesis is eligible to score a degree in anything that they can afford to be trained in. Unlike Irrelevant Non-Canadian Places like Switzerland which actually coordinate education and access to the labor market such that students graduate with access to employment in their field, Canada pumps out metric fucktons of everything. Doesn’t even matter if the grads are any good – lots means better, right?

Tragically, Canada’s post-secondary education spawns a ton of degree-toting folks who have no real entry to the labor market. The common English Canadian response to this is to blame said people for daring to seek education rather than mindlessly slotting into the current job market regardless of personal interest or desire to move to wherever the boom happens to be in the collection of self-loathing errors that is the Canadian economy. Education is what entitled people who want to have things like autonomy and self-actualization in their lives, and therefore the educated deserve to have no jobs because yer free-thinking and self-interest aren’t in line with make-believe Canadian values, chump.

The assembly-line quality of the contemporary convocation becomes all the more eyebrow-raising in the context of Ontario’s premier pushing sub-employment (called “unpaid internships” in cowardly English-Canada speak) in the name of “experience”. This is of course the logic of an idiot: leaping at a series of ever-raisable bars in the hopes of gaining enough “experience” (read: have done enough drudge-work for free) to have CEO-senpai recognize you in a lineup of names on resumes is the logic of a dying salmon, not of a human being with an interest in eating more than Top Ramen boiled in their own tears.

We could, of course, simply stop drawing more and more people into universities. But that would mean that the corporate university wouldn’t make enough money to get all those contract profs and half-assed buildings in line for you. Focusing on making a school that doesn’t suck is obviously un-Canadian, so get that idea out of your head. How do you square a labor market generating fewer and fewer jobs and an education system incentivized to chew through as many wallets as possible so as to generate as many degrees as possible?

Oh, right. You don’t.

2 thoughts on “#49 – Getting Schooled, Part Three: Industrial Edumacationatin’”

  1. We need to coordinate on starting a “I hate Canada” forum where immigrants and visitors can share their Canadian horror stories. The previous venting areas like notcanada.com and superdps’s “I hate Canada” article have disappeared or have taken down. There is a whole lot of “I hate Canada” google searches but no centralized place where people can vent.


    1. Hi, Matt! Thanks for writing in.

      I wholly agree with you about coordinating a forum. I’ve actually wanted to do so for some time now. To be honest one of the reasons I started this thing was because I’m interested in how others deal with this caustic hellhole.

      To be honest I’m not terribly sure what the best option for that is. If you’re okay with I’ll send you a message to talk more about the idea.


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