#27 – Fiddling While Racist Fires Burn

To hear the CBC, English Canadians are horrified at the prospect that they could be closet racists. In order to preserve the myth that Canada is some kind of post-racial paradise Pravda is chalk-fall of mindless stories offering idiotic navel-gazing, asking vague questions about whether Canadians secretly harbor racist tendencies while ignoring the obvious fact that racism is literally the law of the land. My first (of many) pieces of evidence that caker media feeds the myth of post-racial Canada with these vague “inquiries” into the caker mindset? Cakers respond to comments from the victims of racism by shouting and screaming like baboons because to them the value of the mythology of Canada the Good is more important than, y’know, actually being good.

When Canada talks about racism through the CBC, it gets one of two kinds of story. One of them is the sort that blames the rest of the world for breeding racism before expressing fears that some of AmeriKKKa’s icky racism may have slipped into Canada. Here’s a story from the Current which does exactly that – note how often Trump and Brexit are used as rationales for Canadians being racist schmucks. It’s not Canada’s fault, you guys – those meanies from elsewhere are polluting our perfect post-racial society! The other breed essentializes racism through scientific surveys, pinning the problem on human biology as opposed to the Canadian state. In both cases Canada is preserved as being “the good place”, when in fact Canada was built on racism. Which is naturally then excused as being a historical problem despite said racist legislation literally still being on the books, but hey.

The one thing you are not allowed to do as regards racism in Canada is to speak as one of the affected. We’ll definitely get into this later, but Canada has a big problem with racism against black people. While Canada loves to selectively interpret its history of black relations the reality is that blacks in Canada suffer rampant police discrimination and are far more likely to have their children taken away. And what does caker Canada have to say about movements like Black Lives Matter, which dare to actually implicate Canada and Canadians as racists? Here’s a lovely sample!

“The new bully on the block is Black Lives Matter, a tiny group of noisy activists who borrow their branding and their belligerence from the United States.”

– Degenerate caker filth Margaret Wente (note how all bad things are imported from AmeriKKKa in the sick mind of the caker apologist). And in response to that piece, here’s Reddit:

Cakers Being Cakers.png
(S) No population in Canada is more repressed than the police!

Denial, obfuscation, and self-righteous caker rage are the perfect response to blacks talking about the problems that plague them! Canada is different you guys! And this stuff comes directly from the ways in which Canadian media and society deflects racism as being foreign, historical, biological, minor – anything that spares Canada itself from criticism. Between the actual lived experiences of actual people and the mythology of Canada, the latter will win out every time.

And that’s not the only way cakers claim that racism in Canada “isn’t that bad” despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Another method of creating ersatz dialog over the issue of racism is to review trees instead of forests. Instead of discussing racism as a systemic, indigenous issue birthed by Canadian attitudes and promoted by Canadians, we get isolated stories about individual concerns in small areas. This story about Hasidic Jews is a classic. Never mind the legacy of the MS St. Louis, a vessel carrying 907 Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany that was turned away from Canada because racism. Forget that the Rideau Club, one of Canada’s most powerful social institutions had a no-Jews policy until 1964. Pay no attention to the fact that Louis Rasminsky was barred from the governorship of the Bank of Canada until John Diefenbaker told that policy to fuck off. Don’t focus on patterns and long-standing issues – take issues in isolation so that individaul people and the times they live in rather than the country can take the blame!

5 thoughts on “#27 – Fiddling While Racist Fires Burn”

  1. what is the point of all this? racism is everywhere. why don’t you give up the “identity politics” and write something meaningful. this is just a lot of fingerpointing. societies, countries whatever have always been built on the backs of impoverished indigenous and desperate wage slaves. the question is how do we fight the real enemy? the ruling elite/plutocracy who keep us all squabbling over petty identity politic issues so we’re too distracted to see what’s really going on. ?


    1. “racism is everywhere”

      Ding ding ding! You’ve won the “Already Heard it” Sweepstakes! Not only did you ignore the point that Canada’s racism is the direct result of an enforced subaltern (because that’s totally global – obviously Estonia and Malta just haven’t gotten around to translating their Indian Acts into English yet), you also managed to glide right over the point that Canada’s hand-wringing about racism is designed to mask its government-created Apartheid system. And you also skipped over the multiple pieces I’ve written on Canada’s toxic business class and the horrors they’ve visited on the world – may I suggest the Mount Polley disaster or the Therac-25?

      Your prize is a mention on the Wall of Shame and a public lampooning! Thanks for playing!


        1. It’s funny because I hate identity politics and have written about it here several times. Not that I expect someone who fails at basic use of pronouns to be terribly literate.

          Your other comments are either illiterate screaming or simply trash and were deleted. If I wanted to read knuckle-dragging I’d go to reddit.


  2. Racism here is hypocritical. In the US , at least it is acknowledged, direct and people are talking about it. What you see if what you get. In Canada it is swept under the rug and people pretend it doesn’t exist and while it is not direct the subtle overtones and dark mindset is there. That is worse than any direct racism in the US.


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