#19 – AmeriKKKa, Part Three: Y’All are Racists

If cakers had even a tenth of the same energy for solving Indigenous issues in Canada as they do for lambasting Americans and their race relations Canada might actually be a morally-upright state. But that requires far more effort than lobbing ill-conceived, hypocritical race-card bombs so fuck that noise it’s time to once again turn to AmeriKKKa for help with erasing Canada’s problems!

Before we move on, I want to say that it’s pretty obvious America has race problems. They talk about it constantly, film awesome documentaries on the subject, and generally tend to keep the issue out in front. I won’t claim that Americans are free from cancerous stupidity on the subject but my thesis on that country holds here too – Americans are a decent if limited people trying to think their ways out of big problems. Whether they do it well or not is immaterial to the act of trying, which puts America far ahead of cakers and their incessant maintenance of revisionist attitudes and false equivalences over conscious thought.

The “Canada isn’t racist” meme belies a few obvious problems, namely that Canadians can’t even be trusted to discuss Indigenous issues on the national broadcaster’s website. Yes, boys and girls – cakers are so fucking mean that even Pravda can’t spin it into something positive. Here’s the editor-in-chief on the topic:

we find ourselves with a unique situation when it comes to indigenous-related stories.

We’ve noticed over many months that these stories draw a disproportionate number of comments that cross the line and violate our guidelines. Some of the violations are obvious, some not so obvious; some comments are clearly hateful and vitriolic, some are simply ignorant. And some appear to be hate disguised as ignorance (i.e., racist sentiments expressed in benign language).

The caker might spin this as a positive – see, Canada’s so concerned about racism that we won’t let it happen on our watch! Hooray for Canada! Except that hiding the problem isn’t the same thing as resolving it. And as for the bit where the CBC will force commentors to use their real names, well, this is the comments section of that piece in May of 2016:

I highlighted some bonus literacy just for you. “Some victim group”, indeed

So no, not quite there yet. Unless MY MILKSHAKE, Bobber, and cammyboy are real names. In this place I could almost see it. Christ.

Moving on, the same people who loudly proclaim that Canada is more betterer about race because AmeriKKKa is a “white supremacist concentration camp” are missing more than a few things about Canada. Like the strange coincidence that keeps appearing where “multicultural neighborhoods” are in fact broke, poorly-educated, and desperate. Like this one. Or this one. Here’s a paper talking about how wrong it is that Canadians pretend and don’t bother studying concentrated urban poverty despite conditions working to that end here being akin to American conditions. See? Canada’s not racist! It’s just ignorant!

The predisposition to hide evidence of racism in Canada sometimes takes a more novel, nu-left turn. Some folks are more than happy to admit that Canada has a race problem with the Indigenous but will then use that to proclaim that the issue is “complicated” and that therefore a lack of movement on the subject is fine. AmeriKKKa needs to get its cops in line right now; the RCMP disciplining racist cops is really hard you guys! Saskatoon police continually trying to delete evidence of Starlight Tours after cops who literally left people to freeze to death got 8 months in prison is a deep, complex issue that totally doesn’t reflect Canadian norms you guys! What’s that? Racialized prison system, you say? I bet someone’s working really hard on that file. Even after it was revealed that the RCMP have thousands of cold cases regarding missing and murdered Indigenous women protests were feeble and short lived outside of Indigenous communities themselves.

By contrast, look at the anger caused by the death of Eric Gardner of “I can’t breathe” fame. His case, a brutal example of police brutality, inspired days of (rightfully) angry protesting. American demands were pretty fucking clear – killing people and hiding behind the badge to do it is bullshit. No navel-gazing in that one. Americans have in the past displayed righteous, perpetual civil force to enact reform in the face of incredible resistance. In Canada we don’t have access to basic policing statistics and nobody seems to care. Reform! I guess. Maybe. Sometime. When you get to it.

Meanwhile, cakers continue to use the better than AmeriKKKa line to avoid having to think too hard about Canada or indeed preventing the shifting of shitty attitudes. From hiding problems to having no clear capacity for sustained protest, appeals to mediocrity constitute a mendacious desire to do nothing in the face of outrageous racism but write mopey think-pieces about how hard it is to solve Canada’s problems. Yeah, it’s gonna be hard – and that’s why you start by having clear demands and pushing for them against the forces of apologism and reactionary sentiment. You know, like those evil AmeriKKKans.



2 thoughts on “#19 – AmeriKKKa, Part Three: Y’All are Racists”

  1. I have to say I am an Indigenous person who married a newcomer. However, my partner’s extended family ended up hating Canada. Now, many of the things they hated about Canada,I hated too. I hated perhaps more than they did. However, they didn’t take the time to really listen to what I had to say as an Indigenous person–they couldn’t care less about the Indigenous, they couldn’t care less about the residential schools, etc. and etc. I’m really impressed that you care about the Indigenous. I thought this blog would make me angry but instead I just have to say that if more newcomers were like you then this country would be so awesome. Maybe we could get things done. Maybe we could make Canada a place where everyone feels at home and we could reform the poisoned food and pursue culture–and just really make it great. Canadians HATE talking about residential schools. I hear all the time that they don’t want their own children to learn about residential schools because it’s too traumatizing. That’s how selfish Canadians are–they are okay with a history that traumatized the Indigenous,but they can’t bear to learn about it themselves.


    1. I recall someone from Ryerson University, a dark man with a thick Jamaican accent, bringing up the topic of some racist news in Manitoba involving the deaths of Aboriginals, and some class members looked at him very angry, the white, tall and privileged looking ones whose fathers and lawyers, corporate Bay St. bankers and part of the top 5%.

      He also used to criticize the fact that though the Professor was lamenting that Canada didn’t have enough female politicians (back when Kathleen Wynne and Christie Clark were in power), he pointed out that he can’t recall if Canada ever had an Aboriginal as a leader, and by Aboriginal as more than 0.5% of Aboriginal DNA, rather than the 99.9% European mixed-stock masquerading as Aboriginals.


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